150+ History research paper topics for college students

In this article, you will find out History research paper topics for college students. Every student and academician knows that history is a significant subject. It doesn’t matter if it is in the university curriculum or a college or school. History is the technical study of the past. Such a study can enable us to fully understand how everything happens in the world. With such knowledge, we can aim and endeavor towards a brighter future. As you might have heard, there are times that “History repeats itself.” Studying history enables us to take advantage of that attribute of history. We can identify economic and cultural patterns and avoid past mistakes. Having such an approach to life enables us to always make the best possible choice.

Savvy intellectuals rather know how the world reached such levels of development as now. They want to see how wars and tragedies could have been avoided. How could kings and presidents avoid devastating conflicts by a change of circumstance? The best place to find the answer to such questions is in historical research papers.

With history, students can learn about the cultures and customs of other nations. They can understand why governments create specific laws. They can also find the roots of various social movements. For example, you might want to study the slavery period. Learning about the history of that era, you can understand why we have various human rights organizations today. Another benefit of history is that you can develop critical thinking skills. This is because each historian has a different interpretation of history. That means you, too, have the chance to look at events from an alternative perspective.

For this reason, you can find a significant number of controversial history essay topics for students. As a historian, your mission is to reveal the truth of a stream of info from the past. You should try to present a new idea backed by convincing arguments to your readers.

By now, you may have known that history books have a crucial part in the world’s literary heritage. As a historian, you will have a role in that heritage too. So you have to attract more influential audiences by catching their interest. That is why you should learn how to describe events accurately and compellingly. Many great historians started their successful careers with high school-level history topics. The thing that helped them achieve their goals wasn’t just their desire to explore and find facts. Great historians had diligence, perseverance, and talent and a combination of these attributes led them to their success. If you feel even the slightest of such characteristics in yourself, you should at least give it a try.

In the beginning, finding a suitable research direction might seem quite challenging. This is because you have to choose a path that can showcase your critical skills and knowledge. First of all, you have to be passionate about your subject. Readers respond to an author’s passions that find manifestation in the text. Secondly, you should try to narrow down the topic you have chosen. For example, suppose you have chosen ancient Rome as your general direction. To narrow it down, you select a particular emperor’s era. Then you can focus on the economy, education, or religion in that era. Lastly, your historical research paper might draw on a comparison between political and social systems. It might even take an analytical approach towards accounts of wars.

History research paper topics
History research paper topics for college students

Interesting history research paper topics for college students

When working on your historical research paper, you have to make sure that reliable sources are available. You can check that with your professor or instructor. They can give you a list of related literature and adjust your research direction. You can check for related literature on your subject in the libraries and the internet. At any rate, you have to be more careful with the internet because not all the things you read there are valid.

Moreover, you cannot use plots of historical films and novels as a source for your research. The problem with such sources as movies and novels is that they contain romanticized and fictionalized accounts. At any rate, we have prepared a list of suitable topics for your history research paper. These topics are chosen to make your paper relevant and attractive in academic circles.

Ancient history topics for research paper

  1. An analytical comparison of power dynamics in Ancient Persia and Ancient Greece
  2. Alexander the Great was the most significant military genius in history
  3. The role and function of Police forces in Ancient Rome
  4. Fundamental bases of civil rights and civilian life in ancient Rome
  5. The moral dilemma of Gladiatorial festivities in Ancient Rome
  6. Significant schools of thought in the Greek Philosophy
  7. The most powerful armies in the ancient world
  8. A comparative analysis of the Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt: Power and Politics
    Civil protestations and revolutions in the ancient world
    The myths and facts on voting ceremonies in ancient Greece

Middle Ages History Research Paper topics for college students

  1.  The Middle Ages and the desire for discovery
  2.  Common criminalities and punishments in the middle ages
  3. The effect of the middle ages on the history of thought
  4. The role and function of the Holy Quran in medieval ages
  5. The development and presentation of the intelligentsia in the middle ages
  6. The importance of discovery in medieval Europe
  7. The impact of the Revival of the Byzantine State on medieval Europe
  8. Nicholas Cusa and his role in the development of medieval studies
  9. Interracial marriages in Medieval Europe
  10. The birth and development of metropolitan states in the Medieval period

Topics for Research Papers on World History

  1. The impact of the Thirty Years’ War on epistemology
  2. An introduction to celebrities of the sixteenth Century
  3. The development of civilization in eastern Europe
  4. The economic situation of England under Stuarts
  5. The impact of the Rise of the Dutch republic on Europe
  6. The most powerful monarchs in the 18th-century world
  7. The Rise of great kingdoms in 16th Century
  8. Marine transportation of goods in the ancient world
  9. The Rise and Fall of Feudalism in Europe
  10. The economic failure of the Eastern Empire’s monetary system

Topics for Research Papers on European History

  1. Economic policies of the 19th Century Britain
  2. The Rise and fall of the significant far east kingdoms
  3. A chronicle of the catholic church’s Witch hunts in Europe
  4. Pre-modern Europe and the Italian renaissance
  5. The impact of the Seven years’ war on western Europe
  6. The role of Muslims in the development of modern European politics
  7. Famous Muslim figures in Eastern Europe
  8. The conjunction of Islam and Christianity in Medieval Europe
  9. A history of the European economy
  10. The Major Monarchs in British History

American history Research Paper topics

  1. The early challenges of democracy in the United States
  2. The significant impacts of the War of 1812 on the US economy
  3. The horrors and effects of WWI in the United States
  4. The results of the Cold War on American housing and welfare
  5. A comparative history of US navy force
  6. The destructive impacts of the Great Depression on American Morality
  7. A comparative history of elections in America
  8. Urban and suburban life in 17th Century America
  9. American Exceptionalism and its impacts on US foreign policy
  10. The intellectual roots of the American Civil War

Research Topics concerning American Revolution

  1. The crucial function of Females during the American Wars of Independence
  2. The intellectual and economic impacts of the American Revolution on Europe
  3. A comparative guide to the American Revolution and the French Revolution
  4. The role of The Townshend Acts taxing policies on igniting the American Revolution
  5. A comparative analysis of Epistolary documents of American revolutionaries
  6. The birth and Rise of Federalism in Revolutionary America
  7. A comparative study of Urban and Rustic life in revolutionary America
  8. The role of Female writers in American Literature in the revolutionary era
  9. The intellectual and political legacy of revolutionary America
  10. The early Challenges of the Newspapers in Colonial America
  11. Social and Cultural Challenges during the American Revolution

Research Topics concerning the American Civil War

  1. The role and function of the African-American Soldiers in the American Civil War
  2.  The importance of the Battle of Gettysburg in preventing European interventions
  3. The opposing European perspectives on the American Civil War
  4. The Appomattox Campaign was the most brutal battle during the US Civil Wars
  5. Famous fighting during the American Civil War
  6. The technological advancement of warfare in the Battle of Antietam
  7. A descriptive study of Union Soldiers during the American Civil War
  8. A comparative study of the Battle of Fredericksburg and the Battle of Gettysburg
  9. Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: the most expensive draw in American military history
  10. A descriptive analysis of the female situation in Civil War America

Research Topics concerning the World War One History

  1.   An estimation of civilian casualties during World War 1
  2. A comparative assessment of military losses during World War 1
  3. The impact of the Treaty of Versailles on ending World War 1
  4. A descriptive study of American intervention in World War 1
  5. The significant effects of the 1917 Russian Revolution on World War 1
  6. The Rise of the Chemical Warfare in the World War 1
  7. The Australian intervention in the Gallipoli campaign
  8. A comparative study of the Western Front and the Eastern Front during World War I
  9. A comparative study of the role of the naval Force and Air Force during the First World War
  10. A survey of the Assassination in Sarajevo and the ignition of the First World War
  11. A comparative study of Entangled Alliances during World War I

History Research Topics concerning the Second World War

  1. The role of African-American soldiers throughout the Second World War
  2. A descriptive study of the Allied occupation of Japan during the Second World War
  3. A descriptive study of Child abuse during the Holocaust
  4. A comparative study of the General German disfavor towards Hitler in the last years of WWII
  5. The Ideological association of the Catholic church in the Holocaust
  6. A comparative study of the Japanese and American War Prisons during the Second World War
  7. Holocaust and its effects on the conclusion of the Second World War
  8. Diplomatic Dynamics of Europe during the Second World War
  9. The catastrophes of the Second World War in Africa
  10. Study on the American neutrality during the Second World War

Research Paper topics on the cold war

  1. Major Campaigns during the Cold War
  2. The Declining Role of Europe in the course of the Cold War
  3. The significant Actions of the United Nations to end the Cold War
  4. Horrors and Existential Crisis during the Cold War
  5. The notable players in ending the Cold War
  6. The international interventions during the Cold War
  7. The Major Impacts of the Cold War on popular culture
  8. The cultural impacts of the Cold War
  9. Major players involved in the Cold War
  10. A chronological study of Cold War Origins

History Topics for 20th and 21st Centuries Research Paper

  1. The birth and Rise of international Civil Rights Movements
  2. American economy during the 20th Century
  3. The role of American Women in the Vietnam War
  4. Nixon’s America and Vietnam Veterans in retrospect
  5. The role of Harry Truman in the Civil Rights Movements
  6. A comparative study of Truman’s and Nixon’s presidency
  7. A Comprehensive Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. The Roosevelt administration and the Holocaust
  9. The confused legacy of Ronald Reagan
  10. The Catholic Church and US presidencies

Research Topics concerning the Modern History

  1. On the certainty of the Atomic bombing of Japan
  2. The native American conflict with the European powers
  3. World expansion: A Westward journey
  4. History of Original American social movements
  5. America and the endless possibilities of the new world
  6. The Challenges of Governing revolutionary America
  7. The most critical Industrialists in the Modern History
  8. The inevitable consequences of Industrialization for the American nation
  9. The Rise of a new western Canon: America
  10. Cultural effects of Industrialization in America
  11. A Comparative study of Trump and Obama presidencies
  12. The Varying Immigration Policies of 21th Century America

Art history research paper topics for college students

  1. The Rise of the Semiotics and its effect on Art History
  2. Alois Riegl’s theory on the history of Art
  3. The development of Art Studios
  4. Art History: A critical introduction
  5. The Association of Religion and Philosophy in History of Art
  6. The impact of politics on the American History of Art
  7. The role of research-based approaches in the History of Art and Design
  8. Jay Hambidge’s impact on the History of Art
  9. A biographical study of the life of Frank Stella
  10. The ideological function of Art during the American Civil War

Topics on Religion and Theology

  1. The history of ideological shifts in religion
  2. The challenges of establishing an official religion in America
  3. The American Dream as the universal American Propaganda
  4. The American Ideology and European opposition
  5. Political ideology in Modern America
  6. The Rise of the Modern religion in America
  7. American Secular Doctrines
  8. Identity Politics and the American Dream

Topics on Immigration

  1. The Historical American Experience with immigration
  2. Pre-World-War II Immigration to America
  3. A historical review of Immigration policies in the UK
  4. Facts and trends of the immigrant experience in America
  5. Trends of immigration to the UK after the Second World War
  6. The British Immigration debate
  7. History of the immigrant Presence in the UK
  8. A chronological Study of UK immigration
  9. History of Reforms in US Immigration Policies

Controversial Topics concerning History

  1. Machiavelli as the founder of modern politics
  2. British Press Freedom of Speech in the 19th Century
  3. The Moral Justifications of the Spanish Inquisition
  4. A review of The Six Days War in retrospect
  5. Post-Hitler German Economy
  6. The Female Situation after the establishment of the USSR
  7. The Tragic Fall of the Constantinople
  8. Roots of Nationalist Movement Failure in the Arab League

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