//Money Back Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee allows the Customer to request for compensation in cases

which are explained below. For those Customers’ requests that do not fit into any

category, they can contact the Support Team to explain the nature of the request

and await further deliberation. 


Order Cancellation

The following rules apply if a Customer opts to cancel an Order:

In the event that the Customer cancels an Order when no Writer is assigned,

the Customer is entitled to 100% compensation.

 The amount of compensation when a Writer is already assigned is 70%.

The remaining amount covers the Writer’s and Company’s efforts in processing the Order.

 The Customer is entitled to 50% compensation if the Writer is assigned an

Order and half the deadline has elapsed.

The Company reserves Copyrights and this restricts the Customer to use any

Products or drafts provided to them before cancellation of an Order.


Late Delivery

The Customer is entitled to a Time Delivery Difference Compensation in the

event of delayed delivery of a product. This compensation is calculated depending

on the situation at hand and is influenced by the initial deadline and time of delay.

The amount of compensation equals to 7% for long-term Orders, which fall above 14 days.

The following hinder the provision of compensation for delay:

  • The inability to receive the product on time due to technical hitches of the Customer’s Internet Provider, Browser or any system malfunctions.
  • The delay is a result of the Customer’s actions, which may range from a delay in the provision of necessary sources of information required to a delay in payment.
  • The Customer extended the deadline of the Order at his/her own will at no further costs.


Bad Quality Claims

In the event that a Customer would like to get compensation due to unsatisfactory

products, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct an investigation.

The Customer is required to hand in a detailed feedback that shows the disparity

between the Order requirements and the Product. The resolution will be

influenced by the outcome of the investigation.

 Note: Compensation will not exceed 70% in a situation where a not so solid claim

is filed, and the Order had undergone Revision; since revision as a process entails

reviewing, editing and rectifying s product, which can’t be done in the absence

of the Customer’s input.

  • If the compensation is requested for Editing, Proofreading or Formatting Order, the investigation will not be conducted if an unsubstantial claim is contextual. Editing, proofreading and formatting services do not presuppose input to the original context.

The Customer needs to contact the Support Team within two months after

completion of the Order for a compensation request. The representative at

the Billing Department will handle the review in 5 days, after which they will

contact the Customer over phone or E-mail, to deliver a resolution.

The representative has the right to request any additional details that may

facilitate accurate processing of the claim.


Refund Processing

If the Customer receives a refund confirmation, the Company will, within

seven days from the confirmation date, process the refund. It is worth noting

that the Company cannot be held responsible for any Bank Transfer fees,

peculiarities of transfer, and possible delays occurring due to Bank service issues.

The processing fee is $10(Ten), or more and small transactions will not be processed

since it can’t cover the transaction fees for the Company and the Customer’s Bank.

In this instance, the Customer will have the amount back as their Credit Balance

to use as payment for future orders. 

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