About us

In this section, we would like to ask you kindly to know more about us,

especially our reasons for creating this website.


Who we are:

We are a group of experienced and dedicated writers with years of experience

in academic and business writing. In writemyessay247.com, you have

access to hundreds of writers with different academic background which help

us to cover various topics.


Why write my essay 247 is created:

Once we were student like you, which means that we know the difficulties of being

a student. Tight deadlines and hard exams are the main reasons why students feel

worried and nervous because sometimes things get out of control. When you feel

nervous, it is clear that you are not able to show your real academic performance

which can result in terrible outcomes such as loosing marks and low GPA. As a result,

we decided to create a website which mainly provides high quality writing services

for students to help them.

Meanwhile, according to the fact that we benefit from a pool of expert writers who have collaboration with business companies as well as academia, we decided to expand

our services and include services which are useful for industry and business companies

too (e.g our PowerPoint presentation services and copywriting services).

Consequently, we are capable of covering the needs of academic members such as

students and their professors together with the needs of business sectors.


Our success rate according to statistics

We have been starting to cover projects related to business from three years ago.

At the moment, we are proud to say that almost 92% of our business projects

and 95% of our academic projects have finished successfully according to statistics.


What is the most important thing for us

Without any doubts, our customer satisfaction is the most important thing for

us and this is the reason why we are one of the best websites in providing

satisfying writing services for both business and academia.

According to the fact that the quality, ethics and morality of our writers are the

most effective parameters which can either promote our website or destroy it,

the procedure of choosing our writers is performed obsessively.

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