Terms and conditions

1- Interpretation of the Terms

1.1 Agreement refers to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 The Company, We or Our refer to writemyessay247.com, the provider of academic writing and design services to Customers.

1.3 The Customer, You or Yours refer to the person or persons who submit Orders with the Company and abide by the Terms and Conditions described in this Agreement.

1.4 Order refers to the actual request for a Product sent to the Company by the Customer. It includes particular requirements and a specification of sources to be used in writing.

1.5 Product is the result of the Order, an original piece, written and delivered to the Customer, in accordance with his or her specifications, as a digital document.

1.6 Product Revision is a request sent by the Customer for editing the final version of the Product, based on the initial requirements of the Order.

1.7 Support Staff refers to the Company’s structural unit responsible for coordinating and assisting the Order process.

1.8 The Writer is a person employed by the Company who provides writing services to the Customer according to the Company Agreement.

2- Order Placing and Registration

2.1 The Customer may place the Order by filling out the Order form on the Website (writemyessay247.com) by asking Support Staff to assist him/her with it.

2.2 The Order Form specifies the scope of work, Order parameters and delivery terms. It is the Customer’s personal responsibility to provide exact, full and final information on the Order form.

3- Order Payment

3.1 The payment for the Product is calculated according to the Company’s pricing and should be paid in advance. The Company’s platform for all payments is PayPal, which requires the Customer to go through PayPal check-out to pay for the Order. The Customer must make the payment using his/her PayPal account.

4- Discounts

4.1 Only one discount may be used per order. Multiple discounts/offers cannot be combined in the same order.

5- Order Process

5.1 Order validation. The Company reserves the right to re-check the Order details after the payment, to confirm the matching of the requirements indicated while filling out the Order form and any other requirements provided manually by the Customer via any communication channel. Should cases of mismatch occur, the Support Staff will contact the Customer to clarify and finalize the details.

5.2 Change of Order details. The Customer may provide changes to the scope of work by contacting the Support Staff. Changes that influence the volume, urgency or complexity of the Order may require additional payment, which will be discussed with the Customer.

5.3 Resources. Should a specific source be required for Order completion, the Customer is responsible for providing it to the Writer. The Customer should upload the source(s) before the Writer is assigned in order to assure on-time delivery. If the source is provided late, extra time for Order completion will be required.

5.4 Order delivery. The Company is held responsible for the delivery of the Product within the given deadline via email to the Customer’s email address. The Customer is responsible for entering a valid email address when placing an order. If additional time is required due to the complexity of the task, the Support Staff will contact the Customer.

6- Order Revision

6.1 The Customer is entitled to free amendments to his/her Order within a 48 hours period after Order delivery. If Revision is required at a later time, the Customer will need to pay additionally, depending on the complexity of the Revision.

6.2 A free Revision can be provided only if the initial instructions and the instructions for the Revision match. The Company is entitled to ask for additional payment in order to complete the Revision if the revision instructions contradict the initial Order instructions.

6.3 The Revision deadline cannot be less than the original deadline indicated in the Order form.

7- Refund Policy 

The company will issue a refund to the customer only according to these Terms. The company offers a 48 hours money-back period after order delivery (”Refund Period”). Once the Refund Period (48 hours) elapses, the company will not refund any amounts paid. The customer can submit a refund request according to these Terms within the Refund Period. To request a refund, the customer needs to send an email to [email protected] titled “ Refund Request – Order Number” and the customer should attach all the necessary items.

7.1 Order Cancellation

The following rules apply if a Customer opts to cancel an Order:
The Customer can cancel the order only within the next 48 hours after the order is placed. Once the 48 hours elapse, the Customer can’t cancel the order, and the Company is held responsible for the delivery of the Product within the given deadline via email to the Customer’s email address. Automatically, within the next 30 minutes after the order is placed, the order will be assigned to the most suitable writer. If the order is canceled during this period, the Customer is entitled to 100% compensation. The amount of compensation when the writer is already assigned is 50 %.

7.2 Late Delivery

The Customer is entitled to a Time Delivery Difference Compensation in the event of delayed delivery of a product. This compensation is calculated depending on the situation at hand and is influenced by the initial deadline and time of delay. If a Time Delivery Difference is less than 24 hours, we will not refund any amounts paid. If a Time Delivery Difference is more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours, the amount of compensation equals 10%. If a Time Delivery Difference is more than 48 hours, the amount of compensation equals 15%. The following hinder the provision of compensation for the delay:

  • The inability to receive the product on time due to technical hitches of the Customer’s Internet Provider, Browser or any system malfunctions.
  • The delay is a result of the Customer’s actions, which may range from a delay in the provision of necessary sources of information required to a delay in payment.
  • The Customer extended the deadline of the Order at his/her own will at no further costs.

7.3 Bad Quality Claims

If a Customer would like to get compensation due to unsatisfactory products, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct an investigation. The Customer is required to hand in detailed feedback that shows the disparity between the Order requirements and the Product. If the Product instructions and the initial Order instructions match, the Customer’s claim will be rejected, and the company will not refund any amounts paid. If the Product instructions contradict the initial Order instructions, the company will be required to provide a revised version of the Product (The Revision deadline cannot be less than the original deadline indicated in the Order form); otherwise, part or all of the amounts paid will be refunded. The outcome of the investigation will influence the resolution.

7.4 Refund Processing

If the Customer receives a refund confirmation, the Company will, within 14 days from the confirmation date, process the refund. It is worth noting that the Company cannot be held responsible for any Bank Transfer fees, peculiarities of transfer, and possible delays occurring due to Bank service issues.

8- Privacy Policy

If you elect to use our products and services, there is a certain amount of information we will need to collect including your contact information, location, and other specific facts such as your grade level or the subjects you are studying. We may also collect other data that allows us to evaluate how you, along with other clients, interact with our website or other connected interfaces.

8.1 The Goals of this Privacy Policy

It is our strong advice that all visitors choose to read this policy. The statements contained within apply to everyone who decided to use the services we provide. Our goal is to ensure that there is no misunderstanding in terms of the information we collect and your rights to access and make changes to that information at any point and time. You are entitled to have full control over your personal data including the freedom to erase it.

8.2 Collection of Your Personal Data

Please be reminded that any personally identifying information that we obtain from you is provided only by you and stored with your consent. The ways your data might be shared with us include: your contacting us, using our online support services, placing orders, etc.

8.3 Our Use of Your Data

In an effort to both protect and respect your privacy, we have to optimize and minimize our data collection efforts to provide you with the expected services. All of your data is collected only with your permission, and used for the reasons we explicitly state below. The personal information is used to provide you with the needed services and to contact you accordingly.

We might also opt to store data that enables us to update or improve the services. For instance, if you order a specific service, we may choose to send you information about related products. We can use the data to help detect website errors or other issues. Besides, the records are maintained in an effort to prevent fraud or other abuse.

8.4 Sharing Information with 3rd Parties

In light of the fact that we do provide your data to third parties, we confirm that this can be done for very specific purposes only, and these parties are acting on our behalf. We provide information that is limited to what is necessary in order to offer you specific services to partners and subcontractors, payment processing companies, advertisers, market research firms, customer service entities, as well as email providers.
Every third party entity receiving your information is required to sign a legally binding agreement, ensuring the protection of your confidentiality and limiting the use of your information to its intended purposes. All employees or other agents of these third parties are held to the legal agreements as well.

8.5 Customer Communications

We maintain the right to communicate with all our customers about their purchases, as well as to communicate with you about special offers and other services. This is usually done only if we have determined that the information or offers are relevant to you based upon previous orders. You may choose to stop receiving these notifications at any time. The details of this process are provided further down the page.
The common ways used to communicate with our clients include: sending emails, bulk texts and auto sent emails, phone calls, and text messages.
If we consider the partner or other third parties to have information or offers that may be useful for you, we will notify you before providing them with your data. You are free not to give permission for this if you want.
If you choose to have your information removed from our database, you may do so. Please, contact customer service for additional assistance.

8.6 Our Use of Analytics Tools and Services

We employ the use of analysis tools to collect and analyze various types of data. These tools allow us to understand how users interact with our web pages and other connected interfaces. This includes such information as the amount of time you spend on our website, the content consumed, and the search terms used to find our website. None of this information contains identifying data. It is gathered to improve our website and user experience design.

8.7 The Security of Data that We Store

We are continuously dedicated to employing all of the technologies and resources available for us to protect your personal information including the use of encryption technologies as well as the implementation of other security protocols.
All your personal information is held with the only purpose of providing you with the products and services that you order. Beyond that, such data may also be stored in order to comply with laws and regulations, accurately keep financial records, and ensure that we meet the obligations of all possible contracts or agreements. You are encouraged to contact customer support should you have any concerns.

8.8 Use of 3rd Party Websites

Our website content contains links to external websites. Please note that if you choose to access them, you opt for that freely and per your own choice. You also acknowledge your understanding that there is no way we could be responsible for the policies or content of external websites. None of our policies or guarantees can be applied to such websites as far as we do not own or control them. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with external websites policies before clicking on the link.

8.9 Changes to this Policy

We may change this policy along with any other without prior warning. Information about these changes will be posted in a way we consider to be the best one to ensure our users are aware of them. It may include a website notification or personal email. The significant changes can only be processed after the 30-days period which gives ample opportunities for the users to learn about the future amendments and get adjusted to them.

8.10 Contacting Our Support Department

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support that is 24/7 available.

9- Limitation of Liability 

By accepting the above Terms and Conditions of this Agreement the Customer agrees to release and not hold the Company or its employees, shareholders, officers, agents, representatives, directors, affiliates, promotion, subsidiaries, advertising and fulfillment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers (the “Company’s Affiliates”) responsible for any and all losses, rights, damages, claims, and actions of any kind, arising from or related to the products, including but not limited to:

(a) telephone, electronic, hardware or software, Internet, network, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;

(b) failed, garbled, incomplete or delayed computer transmissions;

(c) any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Company, that might cause the product to be corrupted, delayed or disrupted;

(d) any damages or losses of any sort arising in connection with, or as a result of, utilizing the services;

(e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the service.

10- Amendments

Customers accept that the Company can modify its Terms and Conditions determined by the Agreement; it is recommended and strongly advised, that they review these pages regularly.

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