How to choose a nursing research topic and research questions

Many bachelor students face difficulties finding a good topic for their nursing research paper. Medical sciences include a vast spectrum of topics. Therefore, when you try to pick an appropriate topic for your paper, the danger of confusion is very imminent.

It is common for most students majoring in Healthcare to face writer’s block when searching for research topics. The problem does not end there, and there are other issues as well. Issues such as style and formatting, structural flaws, scarcity of resources, in addition to deadlines to meet, all make it extremely difficult to write a nursing essay. Dealing with such issues leaves little to no time for conducting the actual research. Consequently, students are forced to look for more comfortable alternative solutions. The problem with these alternatives is that they are not entirely reliable. This is while nursing research papers should be written professionally with correct terminology. To support your ideas, you must also have citations from good sources.

First things first. You have to narrow down your nursing paper’s subject. Narrowing it down is extremely important. If you choose a vast topic, you will have no chance of examining it appropriately. If you want to contribute to the medical society, you do not have to solve global-level problems. Try to choose a recent topic with much literature and a body of research around it. Then you can add something new to the literature. There is an excellent variety in research questions and various areas such as clinical, psychological, obstetrical, and even social nursing. 

When choosing a topic, you can go to your own experiences. It might be something that you have dealt with in your family. Something that turned your interest to nursing as a profession. Still, you might choose an utterly impersonal topic. Just remember to have it narrowed down!

How to Choose a Good Topic for Nursing Research?

Many nursing students would like to write the perfect research paper. The first step to do that is choosing a well-thought topic. A good subject is unique and captivating. You have a higher chance of impressing your professor with a good topic. Narrowing down a topic is a big challenge for many nursing students. This is because they fear they may repeat something that has been done before. Alternatively, they fear the prospects of being caught with plagiarism. A good topic for a nursing research paper regards the hottest trending medical issues. It also proposes possible new alterations and additions and introduces them to the literature.

For example, when conducting a literature review on Autism, you can go to various sources that regard this topic. You have to make sure that the sources you choose are reliable and up-to-date. Say you want to select the topic that is the most suitable topic available. You can analyze lists of open ideas and approaches so that you may make a personal contribution of educational value to the nursing field. The general approach is that you use the works of well-known theorists to support your arguments. You should use citations in the right place at the right time to raise the qualitative value of your work.  

How to choose a nursing research topic
How to choose a nursing research topic and research questions

Hot topics in nursing

After choosing your topic and narrowing your interest, you go to the next level. You may begin formulating your thesis and writing your proposal at this level. To develop a thesis, you need some research questions that address the issue at hand. Your research questions must have a close association with your research topic. Below you can see a list of research topics concerning midwifery nursing. 

Research Topics concerning Midwifery 

  1. Safety observations for pregnant women with obesity 
  2. A case study of twin birth experience
  3. An analysis of childbirth influx in south African societies
  4. Dangers and challenges of gestational weight gain  
  5. A case study of midwifery care in twin births
  6. An analysis of natal safety self-instruction package efficiency 
  7. Study on the functionality of midwives working shifts and working hours
  8. A case study of post-natal experience and depression 
  9. A case study of positive cesarean experience
  10. An analysis of neonatal and maternal practices in urban areas
  11. Childbirth limits and risk factors in differently-abled women
  12. Feasibility and validity of Group antenatal care
  13. Causes and of stress in midwives and nurses
  14. Mother-infant bonding and Women’s experience in childbirth
  15. Preventive measures for infant’s Hypoglycemia 
  16. Risk factors of Diabetic pregnancy
  17. A cost-effectiveness analysis of phone support for postnatal depression reduction
  18. Complications of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)
  19. Risk factors and treatment of Post-natal depression
  20. Effects of depression and anxiety on mothers and infants

Research Topics concerning Elderly Care Nursing 

  1. Alzheimer’s disease reservations and precautions
  2. A case study of restless leg syndrome
  3. Infarction and vascular system failure
  4. Geriatrics and ethical observations
  5. Critical factors in critical care
  6. A case study of cardiovascular risk reduction techniques
  7. A case study of positive therapy for bladder cancer
  8. Atrial Fibrillation and vascular anomalies
  9. Lewy body dementia and precautionary measures

Research Topics concerning Women’s Health Nursing 

  1. Sexual disorders affecting middle-aged women
  2. Vaginal atrophy causes and treatments
  3. A case study of successful measures in treating female sleep disorders
  4. A retrospective study of reproductive endocrinology
  5. A case study of pregnancy prevention drugs 
  6. A case study of severe ovarian disorder 
  7. An analysis of modern neonatal practices in urban areas
  8. Early menopause challenges and drugs
  9. A case study of infertility-induced female depression 
  10. Breast cancer challenges and treatments

Research Topics on Mental Health Nursing 

  1. PTSD treatments and operational recovery techniques 
  2. An analysis of Psychiatric doctor-patient ethics
  3. Psychedelic abuse prevention techniques 
  4. A case study of video game-induced teenage aggression  
  5. An analysis of police officers stress disorders 
  6. Bipolar depression in American celebrities
  7. Schizophrenia diagnostics and treatment
  8. A case study of delirium tremens and treatment techniques
  9. A case study of drug abuse and depression  

Research Topics on Pain Management care

  1. Phantom pain phenomenon causes and treatment 
  2. An analysis of maximum pain limit in humans
  3. Study on opioids and bone healing acceleration
  4. Myofascial pain rehabilitation techniques 
  5. A case study of failed therapeutic injections 
  6. Study on Botulinum toxin use in pain management
  7. Innovative injection cons and pros
  8. Study on opioids use in Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment
  9. Tumor-induced headache treatment protocol
  10. Abdominal pain treatment in elderly patients 
  11. Modern uniform code 
  12. Modern medical home services
  13. Medical marijuana management techniques
  14. Male nurse shortage in London healthcare
  15. Legal risk factors of treating non-American patients in the US
  16. Introduction to Medicare benefits and risks
  17. A case study of gender bias in south London hospitals

Research Topics for Primary Healthcare Nursing 

  1. Introducing Healthcare financing strategies bias
  2. Operational methods for medical care quality assessment 
  3. Adverse effects of local pharmacy interference with physicians’ orders
  4. Unknown medical symptoms in ER
  5. Primary healthcare and childcare services separation
  6. Mental health service system functions and private sectors
  7. Operational vaccination programs in urban areas
  8. An economic analysis of primary health care
  9. Primary healthcare ethics
  10. A case study of evidence-based recommendation in primary care

Research Topics about Obstetrics care

  1. A case study of antenatal care failures
  2. Delivery room ethics for midwives
  3. A case study of stillborn births
  4. A case study of newborn Resuscitation successes 
  5. Cesarean section pros, cons, and ethical observations
  6. A study of hypertensive disorders 
  7. Abortion and ethical controversy

Research Topics on Nursing Careers 

  1. Introduction to modern nursing theories
  2. Homeless nursing behavioral techniques 
  3. Postmodern nursing in the digital age
  4. Stress reduction techniques for night shift 
  5. Ethnical diversity benefits in British Healthcare 
  6. Clinical nursing ethics
  7. A case study of lucrative areas for nursing in south Asia
  8. Professional services guidelines for junior nurses 

Research Topics for Health Promotion

  1. Digital healthcare dangers and benefits
  2. Preventive measures for disease control
  3. Ethical observation for medical sales promotion techniques
  4. Social responsibilities of health promotion specialists 
  5. Teenage education on safe sex techniques 
  6. Online pharmacies ethical limitations
  7. School nurses’ role in sex education
  8. A case study of telemedicine failures in the past decade

Research Topics on Child Nursing 

  1. Psychological effects of childcare in London orphanages
  2. Modern techniques for speech disorders treatment 
  3. Pediatric care challenges in South Africa
  4. Child obesity risk factors and treatments
  5. A case study of newborn drug resistance 
  6. A case study of antibiotics resistance in infants 
  7. ADHD risk factors and treatment 

Research Topics on Adult Nursing 

  1. An analysis of dental health decline in the UK
  2. A study on the positive effects of sports in male patients 
  3. Female obesity management techniques
  4. A case study of mental health disorders in south London hospitals
  5. CV photography process functions
  6. Modern clinical cardiology and technical innovations
  7. Bipolar depression herbal treatments 
  8. A case study of anxiety disorders in UK veterans
  9. Modern non-chemical treatment for the coronary syndrome

Research Topics on Pediatric Nursing 

  1. Children with Down Syndrome 
  2. Type1 diabetes in children risk factors and treatments 
  3. Management strategies for hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  4. Early symptoms and preventive measures for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  5. Nursing care guidelines for Childhood nephrotic syndrome
  6. Nursing guidelines for Acute renal insufficiency
  7. Preventive measures for kidney stones in children
  8. Herbal treatments effects on Ear infections in children
  9. Meditative treatments for Autism in children
  10. Mind-body therapy for children with acute ADHD 
  11. Efficacy of dance and music therapy in treating ADHD
  12. Long terms effects of ADHD medication abuse
  13. Obesity and eating disorders prevention is infant disorders
  14. Eating disorders adverse effects on child growth
  15. Anorexia-related changes in children brain function
  16. Children metabolic syndrome symptoms and causes
  17. Racial difference in Neuroblastoma patients
  18. A case study of Tourette syndrome in children 
  19. Understanding Movement disorders in children
  20. Modern therapeutic approaches to developmental diseases of the peripheral nervous system
  21. A molecular study of Neurotrophin and neurotransmitter receptors
  22. The functionality of cells and molecules in lung diseases
  23. Study of pathogenesis in lower-mammal models with respiratory diseases
  24. Positive effects of Surfactant replacement therapy for premature newborns
  25. Common measles severe pathogenesis in infants
  26. Complications caused by influenza vaccine in children
  27. Prevention and vaccination of Meningitis in infants
  28. Pathogenesis of HHV6 in children
  29. Immunology of HHV6 in newborn infants
  30. Modern treatments for HHV6
  31. Operational methods for treating Opportunistic fungal infections
  32. Monitoring techniques for child Asthma treatment 
  33. Case study of child Asthma diagnosis 
  34. Hazards of nicotine exposure for infants 
  35. Risk factors of Early-life exposure to air pollution
  36. Prevention strategies for obesity in children and teenagers
  37. Stem-cell-based treatment for pediatric diseases 
  38. Diagnosis, monitoring, and prevention of child obesity
  39. Adverse effects of early exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals on child obesity
  40. Young age exposures relation to later cardiovascular diseases
  41. Oxygen therapy effects for treating child blindness
  42. Acute leukemia diagnosis with molecular markers
  43. Interaction mechanism between Leukemia cells and immune system
  44. Radiation therapy effects on oncology patients 
  45. The efficiency of health service delivery in fighting cancer 
  46. Psychological effects of childhood cancer on parents 
  47. Modern methods for Child cancer treatment optimization
  48. Psychological limitations of congenital heart disease care for children
  49. Pragmatic language patterns Evaluation for autistic children

Research Topics for Geriatric Nursing 

  1. Cardiovascular failure & Age-Related Health decline
  2. Retrogressive Nervous System disorders in older adults
  3. Physiological alterations in the musculoskeletal system of the elderly
  4. Declining effects of aging on the immune system 
  5. Challenges of Vaccinating older adults
  6. Risk factors and diagnosis of urinary tract infections in the elderly
  7. Consequences and effects of malnutrition in older adults
  8. Unhealthy eating habits as a risk factor for retrogressive dementia
  9. Nursing care strategies for elderly Gastrointestinal tract disorders
  10. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Dehydration in older adults
  11. Modern methods for oral care development in older adults
  12. Techniques for treating severe elderly Oral health conditions 
  13. Positive effects of regular physical activity on cardiovascular disease of the elderly
  14. Nursing care strategies for Sensory alterations and deficits in older adults
  15. Nursing facilities long term impact on elderly health

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