Literature Research Paper Topics

Have you been looking for the best literary topics for your research paper? If you are reading this post, you’re in the right place. You can find what you are looking for right here. This information is free of charge, and you can use any of our 100+ literature research paper topics that you find more interesting.

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Research Topics For English literature Students

We have collected a complete list of 100+ literature research paper topics to inspire your writing. Try to choose a topic that you feel passionate about because you will have to spend extended time on it. If you select a topic that is interesting for you, it helps to keep you motivated through the process. If you still feel unsure about your literary research topic and what you will write about, check out the comprehensive list of issues we have prepared for you.

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 Literature Research Paper Topics
Research Topics For English literature Students

British Literature Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. The dominance of stereotypical characters in books written during the first and the second World Wars
  2. An inspection of themes and motifs associated with orphan stories in British literature
  3. What are the origins of detective fiction in British literature?
  4. An analysis of the effects of the last three centuries of the medieval ages on British literature
  5. Comparative study of themes and motifs associated with individualism in Oliver Twist
  6. A comparative study of two protagonists from the Bronte sisters’ body of work

Literature Essay Topic Ideas For High School

  1. Inspecting practical reasons for Harry Potter’s dominance in the fantasy genre
  2. The genre-defining role of wealth accumulation in the modern literature
  3. Addicted to Love: Inspecting the social effects of the increasing popularity of erotic novels
  4. What are the origins of the man versus machine genre in literature?
  5. A look into the dominant themes and motifs of The Lord of the Flies

Literature Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. What is the practical function of literature in the digital culture?
  2. Themes and motifs associated with madness in literature
  3. Inspecting elements of the fantastic in Robert Louis Stevenson’s work,
  4. An introduction to Great female writers in the history of literature
  5. What is the difference between irony and sarcasm in medieval literature?
  6. Tracing the fundamental influences of the Greco-Roman culture on Western literature

Interesting Literature Topics

  1. Tracing the ancestors of the children’s novels in the early 20th century
  2. Evolutionary Criticism: the epistemological shift in literature and Criticism with Darwin
  3. How did Hans Christian Andersen transform the fantasy genre?
  4. What are the practical functions of fable stories in societal contexts?
  5. The cultural differences between East and West manifested in literature
  6. An introduction to the generic ancestors of children’s literature

Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Tracing modernist elements in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn
  2. Redefining form, theory, and context with evolutionary Criticism
  3. Examining the collision between religion and literature throughout the Middle Ages
  4. Tracing post-modern and deconstructionist elements in Pesce’s La Mama Chair
  5. How did TS Eliot’s The Journey of the Magi Transformed literature?
  6. Introduction to the fundamental issues of modernist poetry and influential figures
  7. Tracing post-modernist elements in Suna no Onna’s The Woman in the Dunes

European Literature

  1. Establishing Roman literature as the forefather of the European literature
  2. Analyzing mid-western literature and the influences of European literature
  3. Redefining aesthetics in European literature from the medieval period
  4. Discussion on dominant symbolisms and imageries in classic European literature
  5. Analyzing aesthetic sensitivities in the Irish poetry
  6. An in-depth analysis of medieval aesthetics

Argumentative American Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyzing fictional elements in Lost in the Funhouse
  2. An in-depth analysis of aesthetics in rustic novels
  3. A comprehensive study on the relationship between reality, fantasy, and fiction
  4. Describing the motif of Poetic Justice in Dante’s Inferno
  5. What are the factors behind the dominance of the theme of violence in American literature?
  6. Analyzing the relationship between science fiction and space explorations in the 21st-century literature

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Hot Literature Topics For Research Paper

  1. An analysis of the functions of verbal and non-verbal communication in literature
  2. Redefining aesthetics for the poetry of the digital era
  3. An in-depth analysis of the Byronic Hero as an archetype for the contemporary narrative
  4. Analysis of the portrayal of racism in 21st Century literature
  5. A discussion on the social functions of literature for ethical purposes

Renaissance Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. The Harlem Renaissance and the Moor of Venice: Shakespeare and modern black literature
  2. The principle ideas of Renaissance in literature
  3. Analyzing the functions of figurative language in Dante’s Divine Comedy
  4. The effects of the medieval literature on Shakespearean drama
  5. Discussion on the ethical implications and didactic functions of Don Quixote
  6. John Milton’s vision of religiosity in Paradise Lost

Literary Debate Topics

  1. The dominant themes and motifs in the literature of Eastern Europe
  2. The Legend of good women: an introduction to mythological women in literature
  3. On the symbolic functions of the three weird sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  4. An introduction to the Ethical problems of 21st-century literature
  5. How has ethnic diversity in American Society transformed new interpretations of classic literature?

Controversial Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. An introduction to novels that deal with the issue of abortion
  2. A discussion on the interplay of power and corruption in Shakespearean drama
  3. A comparative study of fundamental differences between the traditional Japanese and western drama
  4. Discussion on the age gap between Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s masterpiece
  5. What factors contributed to portrayals of graphic sexuality in 21st Century novels?
  6. On the dominance of the Greek and Roman philosophy in Modern literature

American Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. A comparative study of structures in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems
  2. An introduction to the most influential figures in the contemporary American literature
  3. A discussion on the alternative didactic functions of American literature
  4. A discussion on the importance of Allen Ginsberg for the Beat generation literature
  5. Tale of Relentlessness: Structural reading of Ernest Hemingway’s old man and the sea
  6. A brief look into the course of the American literature through the 20th century

Western Literature

  1. Western literature and its ethical implications
  2. The transcendence of language in The Lord of the Rings
  3. A comparative study of William Faulkner’s Sound and Fury and Absalom, Absalom!
  4. Discussion on the Aesthetics of the Wuthering Heights
  5. An analysis of traditional aestheticism in the Welsh literature
  6. Structural analysis of the significant novels by Henry Fielding

Eastern Literature

  1. A deconstructionist Reading of the poetry of Khalil Gibran
  2. What are the most prominent literary devices in Turkish literature?
  3. A discussion on modern structures in the classical story of Aladdin
  4. A comparative study on the structural differences between Arabic and Chinese poetry

World Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. A comparative study on the structural similarities between European and Chinese literature
  2. Tracing the supernatural in the Shakespearean drama
  3. Modern Aesthetics: the relationship between youth and the conception of beauty
  4. Analyzing the influences of Marxism on the European literature
  5. What are the moral limitations of classic English literature?

Literary Analysis Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the relationship between psychological literature and psychology?
  2. In-depth analysis of the protagonist mentality in European literature
  3. A discussion on the political implications of literature in the digital era
  4. Analyzing significant themes and motifs in Faulkner’s Sound and Fury
  5. A discussion on the alternative function of the figurative language in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Poetry Topics

  1. A discussion on the significance of death in Shakespeare’s sonnets
  2. Analyzing the imageries associated with death in Sylvia Plath’s poetry
  3. What is the purpose of life in classic pastoral poetry?
  4. How did Allen Ginsberg’s poetry transform American literature?
  5. What is Unconditional Love, and what are its religious implications?

High-Quality Literature Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Feminism & Ethics: On the moral implications of the feminist literature
  2. An introduction to the most significant literary masterpieces in Europe
  3. What are the limitations of having a practical approach to literature?
  4. How has the idea of wealth accumulation transformed modern literature?
  5. Dystopian literature and the Greek-Roman Legend of the oracle
  6. On the practical functions of excessive use of brief imageries in modernist poetry

Literary Journalism Topics

Many literature students know by experience that finding a high-quality research topic on journalism can be a serious pain in the neck. But you don’t have to worry as we have prepared this list for you.

  1. The relationship between literary journalism and coming of age novels in American literature
  2. An introduction to the nonfiction adventure form in literature
  3. Orientalism and Finding the origins of journalism in mid-east countries
  4. African literary journalism and the significance of the desert
  5. Tracing the epistemological shift in defining the narrative back to the 20th century

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