Biology Research Paper Topics For Students

We have collected a complete list of biology research paper topics to inspire your writing. One of the most challenging parts of writing a biology research paper is finding the right topic. The main challenge in choosing a topic is selecting a topic that is interesting to you and your audience while remaining relevant to the field. Your topic should regard recent questions of biology while having the potential for being academically discussed. Keep in mind that your topic should have some sort of contribution to the field of biology. Also your topic may pave a way for further discussions and research.

What Is a Good Biology Research Paper Topic?

Have you ever asked yourself what characteristics define a good biology research paper topic? A good biology research topic should provide new insight into the nature of life while remaining exciting and relevant. A good biology research topic should have the potential to attract an audience’s attention and be intellectually engaging. Your biology research topic might tackle different areas such as issues concerning humans, animals, ecology, biochemistry, etc. What matters the most is that your biology topic helps make a discovery, have a scientific contribution, or potentially make a scientific breakthrough in biology. The final goal is to tackle areas that help us improve the quality of our lives as human beings and maybe improve the quality of our surrounding environment.

biology research paper topics
Biology Research Paper Topics for Students

Biology Topics For Research Paper

Choosing the proper biology research topic is a challenge for many students from all around the world. To help you with the challenge, we have prepared this extended list of biology research topics. You can select any one of the topics that seems interesting to you and use it as a basis for writing your biology research paper.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

  1. Prion disease: definitions, methods of treatment, and case studies
  2. An introduction to the main structural models for understanding genes
  3. Molecular biology: definitions, techniques, and approaches
  4. An introduction to simulated DNA translation processes for cancer treatment
  5. An introduction to artificial hormone development from the genes of primitive mammals
  6. Introduction to the economic benefits of genetically enhanced crops
  7. Microarray Data Analysis: definitions, approaches, and limitations
  8. Study of the design processes of drugs for human use
  9. A look into the moral dilemmas of human cloning for medical purposes

Biology Research Topics for College Students

  1. An analysis of the accuracy of the ancient biology of India and its practices
  2. A look into the prospects of the medical industry with the arrival of human cloning
  3. The Anatomy of addiction: definitions and treatment methods
  4. A look into Aristotle’s epistemological classification of the living world
  5. A study on recent breakthroughs and new approaches in general biology
  6. An analysis of the effects of miscarriage on the public health of females
  7. A survey of the health benefits of a balanced diet for pets

Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics

  1. What are the primary defense strategies used by plants in the Natural World?
  2. A practical guide to mapping the spread of plants diseases
  3. Microbial ecology and evolution: definitions, approaches, and functions
  4. What are the major plant diseases that affect human beings as well?
  5. A Practical Guide to using technological devices for treating plant diseases
  6. Photosynthesis: definitions, approaches, and functions
  7. How may the traditional methods of food production increase plant disease spread?

Controversial Biology Topics

  1. An analysis of the threats and dangers associated with salmonella
  2. A comprehensive study on the relationship between cellular health and mental health
  3. Laparotomy: definitions, methods, and functions
  4. An analysis of the effects of environmental pollution on general cancer rates in the United States

Biology Research Paper Topics for High School Students

  1. An analysis of the concerning functions of Ebola in biological warfare
  2. What are the main effects of stress on the immune system of primitive mammals?
  3. A look into the prospects of human colonic and its moral limitations
  4. The impact of climate change on biodiversity
  5. An analysis of the effects of genetically enhanced food consumption on human health

Hot Topics in Biology

  1. Practical reasons for legalizing abortions in the United States of America
  2. An analysis of the usage of antibodies in the covid-19 treatment
  3. Human Mortality: a look into the practical functions of the human longevity Project
  4. An analysis of the contextual issues regarding abortion in the United States and Europe

Zoology Research Topics

  1. An analysis of dominant migration patterns in tropical Birds
  2. What are the significant animal growth factors that can be used for medical purposes?
  3. Tracing the evolution of speech patterns in Asian elephants
  4. Fashion industries contribution to the systematic animal abuse in Africa
  5. tracing the evolution of cognitive functions of language in primates
  6. An introduction to protection projects exclusive to African wildlife

Cell Biology Research Topics

  1. Introduction to methods and approaches for developing cellular technology
  2. How do microbial factories contribute to the fight against the shortage of metals?
  3. An analysis of the rudimentary daily intake of proteins in human beings
  4. A guide to the various types of cells in the human body
  5. An analysis of the processes involved in cellular metabolism of marine mammals
  6. Antibiotics: types, functions, and dangers
  7. A mapping of cell communication strategies in the human body
  8. What are the dangers of using hormone action therapy by College athletes?
  9. An analysis of the effects of the PC culture on legalizing abortions in the USA
  10. A look into the structural differences between plant cells and animal cells

Animals Biology Research Topics

  1. Mapping the evolution of life on land outside the oceans
  2. What are the dangers of pet obesity?
  3. A comparative analysis of the modern diets for pet dogs
  4. Looking into the moral limitations of testing drugs and medical products on plants and animals
  5. What are the ethical considerations of removing animals from their natural surroundings?
  6. What are the significant impacts of veganism on traditional meat production processes?
  7. A look into the cognitive abilities of wolves and dogs
  8. Ethical limitations of using the so-called animal oils for the mass production of beauty products

AP Biology Topics

  1. the prospects of using marijuana for medicinal purposes and pain relief
  2. How might the remapping of the human genome contribute to the human longevity Project?
  3. cell tissue engineering: definitions, methods, and applications
  4. therapeutic cloning: definitions, processes, applications, and limitations

Behavior and Hormones Biology Research Topics:

  1. In-depth analysis of the relationship between cell structure and resistance to antibiotics in humans
  2. Practical Guide to understanding the function of hormones in the human body
  3. A look into the impact of hormones on human behavior and mental health
  4. An analysis of the relationship between hormonal disorders and depression in humans
  5. Psychological Disorders: definitions, types, methods of treatment, and limitations
  6. A study on the relationship between gender specifics and psychological disorders
  7. What are the significant functions of hormones in the human reproductive system?
  8. Analysis of the bipolar disorder signs and symptoms with an introduction to methods of treatment

Developmental Biology Research Topics

  1. Methods and techniques for making differentiated tissue from stem cells
  2. A look into the interactions between genes and the environment
  3. A study of the most prominent combinations in anti-cancer drugs
  4. Introduction to fatal diseases in humans with developmental Origins
  5. An analysis of the deadly viruses for human beings

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Marine Biology Research Topics

  1. What are the significant effects of ocean acidification on marine environments?
  2. How to prevent Metal accumulation in the marine ecosystem?
  3. Practical methods for fighting oil spots on the ocean
  4. A discussion on the Ethical limitations of Marin shows aquariums
  5. What is the significance of biotechnology in studying marine life?
  6. Analysis of the structural differences between freshwater and saltwater ecosystems
  7. Marine Toxicology: definitions, procedures, and practical limitations

Human Biology Research Topics

  1. practical methods for controlling the human population in European countries
  2. an analysis of the communication techniques between the gut bacteria and the brain
  3. a study on the influences of modern mental medicine on the cognitive abilities of users
  4. a survey of the effects of music on brain development in newborns
  5. A case study of the relationship between psychological disorders and general health in humans
  6. introduction to the recent breakthroughs in medicine using the Human Genome Project
  7. synopsis: introduction to main mechanisms, functions, and structures
  8. A look into the evolution of the contents of human blood

Environmental and Ecology Topics for Your Research

  1. What is the theory of evolution, and what are its implications in modern biology?
  2. An introduction to the Natural Selection processes and functions
  3. An introduction to the definitions and implications of divergent and convergent evolution
  4. The Practical Guide for making a sustainable natural environment
  5. Methods for controlling population growth in nature
  6. A study on the hazardous effects of plastic presence in Oceans
  7. What is the significant impact of deforestation on the global climate?
  8. An introduction to methods for reversing the ecological damage done by humans
  9. What are the significant effects of climate change on natural ecology in the Amazon?

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Genetics Research Topics

  1. What are the genetic disease implications of the abortion law in America?
  2. A study on the impact of psychedelics on human genes
  3. An introduction to the structural formation of human DNA and its functional implications
  4. Analyses of the genetically enhanced food consumption safety for human beings
  5. Effects of alcohol consumption on the human brain and liver
  6. Ethical limitations of genetic enhancement processes

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Tracing the evolutionary function of the appendix in human beings
  2. Comparative study of the anatomy of chimpanzees and gorillas
  3. A study on the Natural Selection processes in marine ecosystems
  4. Evolutionary implications of animal camouflage abilities
  5. The relationship between climate change and Malaria resistance to drugs
  6. A survey of the social formations of wolves
  7. An analysis of the shift in human mating behavior from an evolutionary perspective

Neurobiology Research Topics

  1. An introduction to human cognitive processes
  2. Study on the structural variations of Neurons in the human body
  3. Mapping the visual Cortex via models of cellular orientation
  4. Visual Cortex models of exposure: definitions and functional implications
  5. What is the significance of Neuroscience in artificial intelligence?
  6. What are the self-repair strategies and processes of the human brain?
  7. Human maximum reaction speed: definitions and functional implications

Easy Biology Research Topics

  1. A look into the impact of ecological factors on animal behavior
  2. What are the primary drug resistance mechanisms in animals?
  3. Methods and strategies for preventing the next mass Extinction of animals
  4. The hazards of the fast-food industry to natural environments

Bioremediation Topics

  1. What are the functional implications of bioremediation?
  2. Groundwater remediation: definitions and practical implications
  3. An introduction to modern strategies for bioremediation of dangerous waste material
  4. What are the most recent breakthroughs in bioremediation processes?

DNA Research Topics

  1. An introduction to the structure of DNA in higher mammals
  2. The relationship between DNA and genetic disorders
  3. mRNA: definitions, functions, and variations
  4. Integration module for introducing computer programs to human DNA
  5. Functional implications of hybrid DNA experimentations on pigs
  6. An introduction to the Ethical limitations of DNA experimentation on humans
  7. Is it possible to revive extinct species using DNA reconstruction?

History of Biology Topics

  1. A look into the significance and implications of the Darwinian theory of evolution
  2. An introduction to evolutionary factors
  3. A comprehensive Chronicle of genetics research
  4. The importance of Edward Jenner for mass vaccinations
  5. Natural Selection: definitions, methods, and functions

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Immune System Biology Research Topics

  1. What is the significance of immune system agents?
  2. What is the relationship between genetic disorders and immune system malfunction?
  3. An introduction to the functional implications of the immune system in humans
  4. What is the importance of vaccination in the modern world?
  5. What are the main effects of stress on the human immune system?


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