How to share PowerPoint on zoom

How to Screen Share a PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom? There is a high chance that you are already aware of how useful and valuable PowerPoint presentations are for companies. One of the benefits of coming up with a visual presentation of an issue or a design is that your audience will understand it a lot easier and be more memorable for them. Now consider mixing a PowerPoint presentation with Zoom for meetings, no doubt the results would be much effective.

It would be best if you made sure that your presentation is open as a Window and is not on Full Screen so that you can play the presentation while you view Zoom.

You can follow the following instructions:

  1. Find Slide Show on the top bar
  2. Select ‘Set Up Slide Show’
  3. Find ‘Browse by an individual (window)’ and choose it

 When you make such changes in the settings, you can open your PowerPoint presentation as a standalone window while the slideshow plays. Furthermore, you can change the size and the position of this window. 

you can open your PowerPoint presentation as a standalone window while the slideshow plays

Sharing a PowerPoint from within Zoom

How to share PowerPoint on zoom
How to Screen Share a PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom

When you get into the Zoom call, it would be pretty easy to share your PowerPoint project thereupon. You can follow these simple steps:

  1.  Find the ‘Share Screen’ at the bottom of the Zoom call and select it
  2. Select the PowerPoint file you opened
  3. In case your PowerPoint presentation has embedded audio or video, find and check the right boxes at the bottom.
  4. Lastly, in the bottom right of the screen, find the blue Share option and select it.
Sharing a PowerPoint from within Zoom
Sharing a PowerPoint from within Zoom

Just like that! Now you are sharing your PowerPoint presentation with all the participants in the Zoom call.

Why should you still use PowerPoint to present with Zoom?

Considering all the latest occurrences and the global lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that we would use online meetings more frequently. Nowadays, some people think that PowerPoint presentations are not practical and efficient for online activities. But such an argument is not relevant because it would take a lot of time to work on and enhance both your PowerPoint and zoom skills separately. This tutorial helps you improve both and enable you to share your PowerPoint presentation on Zoom like a pro. 

Now you most probably take care of your business via online means but before this, you would have to sit in boardrooms. The presenter used to stand at the top corner of the room and present the slideshow that took a lot of time and effort to be prepared. If you had forgotten to take your notebook to the meeting, you had to use the labeled notepapers that the company involved in the presentation provided for you. And If the presentation were compelling and convincing, you would discuss it with your co-workers with a newfound excitement for the brand new services or products presented. If you didn’t find the presentation valuable and sound, you would denounce the presenter or plans/products they were promoting via the PowerPoint presentation.

Now you can better comprehend the importance of coming up with a hard-to-forget presentation. People who have held seminars, by experience, are aware of the importance of delivering high-quality presentations. A high-quality presentation that is hard-to-forget would be one that your customers will not forget about any time soon. Now you can start sharing your PowerPoint presentations on Zoom.

In this article, you found out how to share PowerPoint on zoom. Still need help with your doing PowerPoint?

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