How to insert video into PowerPoint from computer or Mac

Insert video into PowerPoint

How to insert video into PowerPoint from computer or mac? Adding a video to your presentation is a great way to make it more interesting and capture your audience’s attention. With each new version of PowerPoint, you will be able to import video clips from your hard drive, iMovie on your Mac or online resources, and open them when you submit them.

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The PowerPoint app lets you easily display videos or clips related to your presentation, and it also helps you adjust the brightness and color, start, and endpoints of each movie. You can even put YouTube videos directly in PowerPoint for display and spend less time and effort doing it.

How to add a video to PowerPoint
How to add a video to PowerPoint

In a comprehensive and step-by-step tutorial on embedding videos in PowerPoint, we show you how to insert, delete, and play videos to your PowerPoint from a computer or Mac. In this article, we will teach you everything you need, so stay tuned.

In a comprehensive and step-by-step tutorial on putting a movie in PowerPoint, we will first look at how to put a movie on a slide. Open the PowerPoint program to get started. You must first add a video to your slide before you can start it. The best way to do this is to use Windows and Mac to add a video to your PowerPoint.

How to insert video into PowerPoint from computer

Open your PowerPoint, and insert a slide that contains the content. Now click on the last icon in the middle of the slide. This icon shows the Insert Video window. Note that this icon differs in different versions of PowerPoint and depends on which version you are using.

Insert video in PPT

There is nothing special about putting a movie from this place. This is just a file storage space. When you click the “Browse” button, the saved files and browsers will be shown to you, and you can select your movie and click Insert.

How to play video in PowerPoint

When you add your video to PowerPoint this way, you can select any standard video file to play on your computer. By default, you probably choose WMV videos to play your videos on Windows and MOV videos or maybe mp4 on your Mac. Note that PowerPoint does not accept Flash video and Shockwave Flash animation.

Once the movie is in place, make sure the Play controls are at the bottom, and the “Format” and “Playback” tabs for controlling the movie are displayed in the toolbar, both in the “Format Movie” section.

You can preview the movie by clicking the “Play” button at the bottom. Note that you can watch videos and changes simultaneously while you are editing and while you are running the slideshow.

play a video file from your computer
Insert and play a video file from your computer

Insert movie in PowerPoint via Ribbon Bar in Windows

What should you do if you plan to put a movie on a slide that is empty and has no content? Here’s a way:

Open PowerPoint, and on the main screen, click on the “Slides New” option and select the “Blank” design.

Insert video in PowerPoint using slide content
Insert video in PowerPoint using slide content

Now that we have a blank slide go to the “Insert” tab on the toolbar to insert the video. Now click on the “Video” button on the right side of the bar. Depending on the version of PowerPoint you are using, you can select “Online Video” and “Video.”

Note that “Online Video” does not mean YouTube! It is just another link for storage. Now select the “Video” from the “File” option and set the “Insert” box to standard. Select your desired movie, and then double click on it. Now it covers the entire slide when the movie is inserted.

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Change video thumbnail PowerPoint

You can also place an external frame for your video via the “Format” tab in the PowerPoint toolbar. By selecting one of the options in video styles, you can create a frame for your video. To do this, first, make sure you have selected your movie, then click on “Video Shape” on the “Format” tab. Choose a shape, and finally, your video will be included in it!

Change Shape and frame of a Video
Change Shape of a Video

Insert a movie in PowerPoint via the Menu Bar on a Mac

In PowerPoint 2011, the Mac does not have an “Insert” tab in the toolbar, but it does have an insert menu. So in the menu, click on “Insert” and select the “Movie” option. In this section, there are two options, “Movie Browser” and “Movie from File,” to select.

If you select “Movie from File,” you will follow the steps, just like putting a movie in PowerPoint on Windows. You can download the movie you want in or find your movie in the video clips, then double-click on the movie and insert it in the slide.

“Movie Browser” is not just about movies; it lets you browse and save movies, videos, audio files, photos, and other media in the movie folder, music folder, and in iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Photo Booth, and so on.

Create a blank slide as you did before. Now click on the “Insert” menu, and select “Movie,” but this time click on “Movie Browser.” Note that the “Browser” is already selected in the “Movie” tab, and you can go to the file’s location. On my Mac, you have your movie file in the “Movies” folder, and you can see the thumbnail below. If you want to preview the movie, double-click it or click the “Play” button. To insert the video, drag it into the slide. You can then close the “Browser” window.

How to play video in PowerPoint Mac

In the 2011 Mac version, playback options are an option to the left of the “Format Movie” tab in the toolbar. As you can see in the picture below. The start and end options are limited to two options, “start on click” and “start automatically.”

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