How to add background music to PowerPoint?

Does PowerPoint let you add music?

How to add background music to PowerPoint? There are various options available in PowerPoint that enhance your presentation. Adding music is one of the useful tools that you can apply. You can add music to your presentation for different purposes, such as background music playing while you are presenting. Music in PowerPoint also can be a narration, reading the text you have written earlier in the slides.

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Remember: If you want to record audio, you should make sure you have a microphone available on your device. If you just want to add music to your presentation, follow the steps below.

So, let’s get started with the process of adding music to your presentation.

How to add background music to PowerPoint
How to add background music to PowerPoint?
  • To start, open PowerPoint.
  • On the bar above, select “Insert.”
  • Select “Audio” at the end of the list of icons
  • You see a speaker icon above “Audio.” You can easily select the audio you want to add from your folders if you click on it.

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How to add music to PowerPoint 2021

An important note to remember is that there are different versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. If you have the last version released in 2021, follow these steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. On the bar above, select “Insert.”
  3. Click on the “Audio”
  4. Select “Audio on My PC”
  5. Choose the music file you want

After selecting the music you want, you see a speaker’s icon on the slide. By clicking on the play icon, music starts.

How to add music to PowerPoint 2021
How to add music to PowerPoint 2021?

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Here, you see an additional option known as “Audio Tools.” There are a number of options that you can use. By clicking on the “Audio Tools,” you see a bar named “Playback.” Here, there are several good choices to use:

  • You can trim your music by selecting “Trim Audio.”
  • Change the volume by clicking on the “Volume.”
  • You can also hide your music icon during your presentation. The only thing you do is to click on the empty square beside “Hide During Show.”
  • You can choose how your music starts. Click on the bar beside “start.” There are three options as “Automatically,” “On Click,” and “Play across Slides.” Each has its way of playing your music.

Three Available options for playing music

  1. Selecting “Automatically,” your music plays on the slide you put it on. For example, if your music icon is on slide number 1, it will play only on slide number 1. It will not continue to the other slides.
  2. Selecting “On Click” gives you a choice to play the music whenever you want in the slide you have put your music. For doing this, you click on the speaker’s icon on your slide in “Slide Show” mode.
  3. Selecting “Play across Slides,” you can see that the music starts on the slide you put it and continues to the end of slides.

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Here, you learned how to add music to your PowerPoint step-by-step. Music will help you to make your presentation more exciting. So, it will assist you in drawing your audience’s attention. If you have any comments, write them in the comment section.

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