//Write PowerPoint presentation

Write PowerPoint presentation

General tips you should consider when you are writing  PowerPoint presentation

If you are not successful in writing a good PowerPoint presentation which forces you

to google an expression like “write my PowerPoint presentation”, you should know that

there are some tips which you must take into account in order to write a good PowerPoint presentation. Considering these tips in writing PowerPoint  will engage other people with

your slide show and help you to attract more attention to your topic whether it is about

your business or any other things.  



Write an outline before starting to write your

PowerPoint presentation

Writing an outline is the first and most important tip which helps you to have a solid

plan for including most suitable information in your PowerPoint presentation.


Be careful about your phrasing

A good PowerPoint presentation writer knows that it is crucial to keep the

included information in PowerPoint slides short and simple. One thing

high quality PowerPoint presentations all have in common is that the

inserted contents are concise, clear and easy to understand.

Forget about using long sentences

Keep your sentences short and brief. Long sentences are putting your

audience to sleep. Using phrases which convey the main idea effectively

can increase the quality of your presentation dramatically.

Be careful!!  pictures, charts, and other media

are used whenever appropriate when you are

writing a PowerPoint presentation


Do not make mess by overusing pictures, charts and other media because

overusing these material can detract from your main message. Generally

speaking, pictures, charts, and other media are used when the writer thinks

they can show  the main points easier than words.

Some other few points to be considered when

you are writing a good PowerPoint presentation

As we noted previously, there are three types of elements which are used in PowerPoint presentation:

Text – you should use texts in order to keep key terms and concepts in the readers’ minds.

Remember that you must not use texts in blocks and you should organize your texts into

lists of single words or short statements to make them more understandable. Text could

include definitions, captions, necessary facts key points.

Images – you should use them to show main points.

Graphs or Tables – In order to show numerical figures and complicated

information, one can use graphs or tables.

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Write PowerPoint

When you are writing a PowerPoint presentation

keep in mind to avoid doing the following tasks:


  • Including redundant information
  • Using figures or images which confuse the audience
  • Use complicated fonts
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