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What is the 6 by 6 rule in PowerPoint?

What is the 6×6 rule in PowerPoint? If you decided to use the 6×6 rule for your presentation on any given topic, the result would be pretty similar to what you see below:

  • Don’t use more than Six points
  • Have one idea per each Slide
  • Each Slide should have Six bullets
  • Each bullet consists of Six words
What is the 6 by 6 rule in PowerPoint
What is the 6 by 6 rule in PowerPoint?

What are the limitations of the 6 by 6 rule in PowerPoint?

If you felt bored while reading the bullets above, you can see why this technique might not always be too effective on audiences. The problem with this Rule is that it restricts your ability to develop genuine sentences with profound meanings. However, you can still use memorable statements. Still, the cost-to-benefit relation is not very tempting as you would be forced to cut out so much precious info so that you could obey the 6×6 Rule for presentations.

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How can the 6×6 Rule work as a guideline?

The aim of this passage is not to banish the use of the 6×6 Rule. We aim to argue why you shouldn’t constantly use this Rule for presentations. You have to take heed when designing your PowerPoint presentation to avoid having too many wordy sentences. When it comes to editing, the 6×6 Rule is a handy tool to remind you to use as few words as possible to make your point. It would be best if you didn’t consider this Rule as a must for every single slide. Just keep in mind that you have to act as the star of your presentation, so don’t let the poor design of your slides get in your way.

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Reasons the 6×6 Rule Works

A very minimalist approach to writing text for each Slide would be the 6×6 Rule. This Rule suggests that each Slide should have no more than six bullet points, and each bullet point should not have more than six words. One alternative approach to the 6×6 Rule suggests that only one word should be used per bullet, allowing each Slide a maximum of 6 words in total. This Rule can be an excellent guiding principle for keeping your presentation concise, but it may not suit every presentation. Nonetheless, the 6×6 Rule has some obvious benefits that make it a prime candidate in the set of rules that you may choose for your next big thing!

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When you use few words to convey your message to your audience, you will give them a chance to synchronize with your message. You can help boost your audience’s attention to your key points simply by leaving a lot of blank space in your slides. The text of your presentation should only act as an anchor for your audience’s focus as you give them all the necessary details.


This is no secret that audiences usually prefer presenters who keep their presentation concise. By using few words to make your arguments, you can get your audience’s respect and appreciation because this way, you show that you value their time and attention. This way, you can convey all the necessary information in your presentation without any further ado.


One of the most eye-pleasing approaches to writing texts is minimalism. It enables even the audience members with poor eyesight to see your message quite clearly. The Minimalistic approach is more appealing to the masses because it makes them feel present and included in the narrative of your presentation and highly valued.

In this article, you found out what is the 6 by 6 rule in PowerPoint. Still need help with your doing PowerPoint?

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