How to Write a Reflective Essay in Nursing

Nursing reflective essay

There are certain elements in writing a reflective nursing essay, including:

  • Introduction: The introduction section aims to disclose what is coming next with the readers. The thesis statement is the critical part of the introduction, placed most of the time in the last sentence of this section. A good thesis statement clearly states the argument and reflects your ultimate position on the matter.
  • Description of the situation: The primary part of the reflective essay is to describe previous experiences and events, containing only the necessary details.
  • Sharing of personal feelings: In this section of the essay, you get to share your reactions to those experiences or events. Afterward, you should demonstrate your approach to overcome the involved emotions.
  • Evaluation of Experience: Share the skills and knowledge you obtained from those experiences here. Bear in mind that this section should be only a summary.
  • Reflection and opportunities for learning: In the following section of the previous part, you have the chance to elaborate on the skills and knowledge that you mentioned before. It would be an excellent idea to elaborate on the self-development future paths regarding the experience.
  • Conclusion: As for the last part, you need to summarize all the info you mentioned in your reflective essay.
Nursing reflective essay
How to Write a Reflective Essay in Nursing

How to start a nursing reflective essay

A reflective essay aims to project your emotions, thoughts, and experience on a specific subject as a legit academic paper. You might be presented with real-life medical personnel and patient situations regarding nursing courses.

Such critical data is necessary because it allows you to practice what you have learned and better understand how to apply what you have learned to the situations at hand during a hospital replacement program. You must have learned so far that clinical experience is vital if you want to become a nurse. It is only natural to come across difficult moments during your practice time, and it is understandable to make mistakes. The truth is that this is the inevitable journey in becoming a reliable nurse. As a part of your learning process, a reflective essay can help you identify the nature of the issues, voice your doubts and concerns, analyze all the alternatives, and find the most efficient solution to handle the problem. Consider the following factors as they will be helpful to you when you want to write a reflective essay:

  1. Description: You need to examine the situation in question in this part. If necessary, you can incorporate pseudonyms. Bear in mind that it is essential to consider all the details.
  2. Feelings: In this section, you need to disclose the emotions you experience during the process. Try to include as much information as possible to be crystal clear for the readers.
  3. Evaluation: It would be necessary to evaluate the situation and depict the primary factors involved.
  4. Analysis: In this part, you need to include necessary information regarding medical or nursing codes and related literature.
  5. Conclusion: Here, incorporate a summary of the whole matter, including your experience and the lessons learned during the experience. It would be good to develop a series of negative factors and prevention techniques for future encounters.
  6. Action Plan: Look over the whole experience and generate the required skills you need to develop to avoid complications in the future.

It is customary to use a first-person perspective in writing reflective essays. The general format of such an essay is the same as any other essay, including an introduction, body section, and conclusion. It is essential to meet the academic requirements in the writing process and include your opinion in the meantime.

We sincerely hope that this guide will help you write a well-written nursing essay and get an excellent grade. This guide was written to give you a better understanding of the academic writing required for nursing studies. Follow the highlighted information and recommendations in writing your nursing essay now and in the future. You can also look at our other nursing essay samples and get the boost you need to start your work.

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