3 Easy Steps for Dividing Fractions with Examples

Dividing the fraction is just as simple as multiplying the numbers. Once you understand the tricks for division then, you can easily find the answer to the fraction. It becomes difficult sometimes, but you need not worry about the calculation. For ease, try the online fraction calculator that helps you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two or more than two fractions. In this article, we will guide you about the step-by-step procedure for dividing the fractions. You can use the three-step method to solve the fraction, also called “keep change-flip to easily divide fractions by fractions.”

How Dividing Fractions Works

The first step in dividing a fraction is to determine the reciprocal of the second fraction. After doing this multiply, the two of the numerators then multiply the denominators. It seems a bit confusing and complicated, but no worries, use the fractions calculator that can help you in adding fractions with the same or different denominators.

3 Easy Steps for Dividing Fractions with Examples

How to Divide Fractions into Three-Easy Steps:

Below are the three simple steps that can help you in dividing a fraction.

Flip the Divisor into a Reciprocal:

Reciprocal is a number that is used to multiply the number to get the value of one. If you want to change two into one, then you need to multiply it by 0.5. to determine the reciprocal of a fraction, you are just required to flip the numbers. The denominator will become a numerator or vice versa.

The procedure of dividing a fraction can be confusing, so simple; you can use the fraction calculator to multiply fractions with the same or different denominator. But if you wanna do the calculation manually then, give a read to this post.

Changing of the Division Sign to the Symbol of Multiplication and Multiply

Dividing and multiplying are said to be opposites of each other. When you are finding the reciprocal of a number, you are also creating its opposite. In dividing fractions, you are required to change the equation of the fraction from the division to multiplication at the time of turning the divisor into the reciprocal. Instead of this procedure for dividing the fractions, you can make use of a fraction calculator that instantly shows the whole step-wise procedure for the fraction calculations.

Simplify your Answer if Possible

Fractions are symbolized as a part of the whole. It means that many fractions represent the same value. This is why you need to make it more simple. For instance: most of the time, you say five-tenths and 5/10 instead of simplifying it to one half or 1/2. Divide the numerator & denominator by the greater common factor to get a fraction down to its simplest form. Creating the reciprocal and multiplying fractions rather than dividing them allows you to skip a few steps in an equation. That is the shortcut for dividing fractions that makes the whole procedure easier. You can also get the free assistance of an online fraction calculator that displays each step of division for the fractions.


This post shows the three simple and easy steps for dividing fractions. So, you can use these three simple steps whenever you are going to solve the division problems to make them easy. If you are not good at math calculation, you can use an online fraction calculator that lets you know how to multiply fractions and how to divide fractions.

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