How to write a conclusion for a research paper

How to write a conclusion for a research paper? You provide a summary of what you have written about in your paper in a conclusion paragraph. When writing a good conclusion paragraph, you must consider the top point you wish to instill and incorporate it beyond any doubt. When you have written a marvelous introduction, you can write the same thing with different words.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper
How to write a conclusion for a research paper

What is a Research Paper Conclusion?

The conclusion is the section of the research paper that collects everything together in a coherent way. As the last section of a research paper, a conclusion paragraph clarifies your examination results by emphasizing the importance of your study. A conclusion must be comprehensive and encompassing compared to a specific finding; researchers may coordinate other discoveries into a single conclusion section in the same style.

It is not like the introduction where you start a discourse with your readers around the issue or present questions, debates, and information gaps you intend to bridge. The conclusion gives a clear and brief representation of how you can achieve all of these. The conclusion section explains the results of your argument by making a justification to your readers of the subject matter.

Practical Tips in Writing a Conclusion for a research paper

Testing your conclusion

 Moreover, it is called the “so what” game; this methodology needs to challenge the plan by asking yourself, “So what?” whereas you create your conclusion. When you succeed in putting your conclusion part to paper, examine someone who will challenge what you wrote (The Writing Center UNC, n.d.). You may ask a friend to peruse your conclusion with you and have them inquire, “So what?” after every explanation. This procedure can assist you in discovering alternatives in your conclusion section and refine it within the progress.

Ensure that you’ve replied to the subject question in a research paper: Check all documents and describe all evidence of your subject plan to provide a conclusion.

Illustrating plans to make a novel image or concept

 A good conclusion paragraph must clarify all related information to a suitable extent. Describe the quality of techniques or operations applied alongside your perceptions that can be useful for reaching your outcomes. There exist some situations when your examination may not acquire your desired results. In such cases, clarify to your readers the reasons why this may have occurred. When you coordinate the results with your predictions, continue to depict your theory by your proofs.

Put for your readers something to think about

Recommend that they learn more via such a sentence, “We have so many things to learn concerning global warming.” You may allow them to do something after perusing your paper. For instance, “making your popsicles is simple. Get some orange juice and try it!”

Review what you write

A conclusion should capture readers’ attention from the beginning of the text. How to make the final part attractive? If you intend that the readers review everything written and capture their attention, stop including novel facts and explanations. Be exact and make it solid sufficiently.

Utilize your introduction paragraph as an instruction

maybe you have begun by saying, “There are three classes at school that I completely can’t wait to go to each day.” You may start your conclusion by saying, “Gym, Math, and Art are the three classes I attempt never to miss.”

Paraphrase the topic statement

 Begin by specifying the paper’s subject and explaining the obtained results while controlling them with proofs. State any alternative arrangements that you may investigate later.

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If your paper is long, an appropriate method to start a conclusion will be by looking at what was the topic of each paragraph. For instance, if you write an essay concerning zoo animals, each section should likely be related to one specific animal. In your conclusion, you should provide a summary of each animal concisely one more time. “Zoo animals like polar bears, lions, and giraffes are astonishing creatures.”

Avoid Common Mistakes When writing a conclusion for a research paper

  • Avoid beginning your conclusion with the words “in conclusion” or “in summary.” These words are superfluous, and they make your text abnormal. It is not required to mention self-evident things for writing a great conclusion.
  • Ensure that you have expressed within the conclusion, introduction, and body part of your paper. The readers should pursue your reasoning all through the whole article.
  • A conclusion should only be a summary of your investigation. Incorporate all your discoveries and analysis in body paragraphs.
  • Avoid expressing any novel idea or details concerning your research or subject. You intend to provide an introduction just by summarizing what you had written before.
  • Do not alter the tone of the study. If you wrote the entire paper within the academic context, avoid making your conclusion more passionate or informal. Indeed if the chosen subject is exceptionally imperative to you, attempt not to make it personal. In either case, you’ll finish your study with a story concerning the topic and outline why it’s so critical with a specific illustration.
  • It is necessary to write a concentrated and brief conclusion. Avoid concluding an essay with inappropriate or unessential information.
  • Avoid asking for forgiveness. Never present your worries about the outcomes of your examination or your authority. Stop using expressions such as “I believe this” or “I don’t realize surely.” Do not use the first person at all. To write in the first person will make your passage very informal and cannot be utilized for scholastic and academic papers.

Importance of a Conclusion in a Research Paper

A conclusion aims to remind the readers about the principle analysis and discoveries of the entire paper. Nevertheless, it emphasizes the importance of the matter too. These actions in your research assist in making an extended, remarkable impression; therefore, continuously incorporate this section and attempt to apply approaches that make it more valuable and effective.

Considering a good and correct conclusion paragraph as a critical part of the general progress, you may need to review your writing by step-by-step instruction. It can guarantee you don’t miss any imperative minutes. Additionally, you should make out what sort of conclusion would be the best!

Your Conclusion Paragraph Should Always Leave an Amazing Impression 

The objective of your paper conclusion is to eventually give your readers an enduring impression or present something which induces them to think. It would be the final section of your paper they’re getting to study and likely the last item they’ll keep in mind.

Make impressions with the conclusion as a last one, just like the first part. Have you ever had an awkward interaction with somebody where you strolled after saying something humiliating? Ordinarily, in the case of this event, you will be concerned about what your interlocutor thinks and consider you’re peculiar as a result of those last seconds. That’s a final impression that can adhere with you, and it does not make any difference for your writing task.

Lorinda Toledo, as a writing coach, recommends that you consider your paper introduction as an appetizer. Your body paragraph is a scrumptious dish, and your conclusion would be the dessert. You’re likely to aim to keep in mind the taste of the dessert since you ate it as the last one and utilized it to include a sweet finale to your meal. Something like this will occur for your conclusion.

In this article, you found out how to write a conclusion for a research paper. Still need help with your research paper?

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