170+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for the perfect philosophy research paper topic? If you’re reading this article, you will find it! We have collected a complete list of 170+ philosophy research paper topics to inspire your writing. Finding a proper philosophy research paper can become exceedingly challenging for students anywhere around the globe. This is because philosophy covers a vast spectrum of subjects and is inherently complicated. So, students must choose philosophy topics that interest them and are relative to their professor’s assignment.

Philosophy Topics for Research Paper

The field of philosophy deals with various branches of knowledge and covers various topics. So for selecting the best topics, you should make them clear, concise, and narrowed down. Here in this article, we have prepared an extended list of 179 philosophy research paper topics. Our topics are chosen to be exciting and one of a kind. All of our topics are created by our team of professional essay writers.

Philosophy Research Paper Topics
Philosophy Topics for Research Paper

Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. A comprehensive study of Philosophy as a basis for theoretical knowledge during antiquity.
  2. What was the concept of “Truth” in the theoretical model of the world in ancient philosophy?
  3. A comprehensive study of the epistemological shift in the ancient system of philosophy.
  4. Significant branches of philosophy during the Ancient Era.
  5. A comprehensive guide to Philosophical anthropology.
  6. It is a sociological study of philosophy, its range of problems, and its function during antiquities.
  7. A comprehensive guide to the Philosophical vision of the world during antiquity.
  8. An analytical study of the relationship between Philosophy and Medicine during the ancient era.
  9. A comprehensive guide to Ancient mythology and the origins of philosophy.
  10. A comprehensive guide to the Socratic system of philosophy.
  11. An analytical study of Democritus’ atomistic theory and The spontaneous dialectics of Heraclitus.
  12. Ancient Philosophy: Roman Stoicism and the First Coming of Christ.
  13. A comprehensive study of the Pre-classical period in Ancient Greek philosophy.
  14. A comprehensive case study of major Greek philosophers (Aristotle, Democritus, Socrates, Plato).
  15. Eating Disorders: Philosophical implications and functions.
  16. An In-depth Analysis of the Kantian System of Philosophy.
  17. A comprehensive study of the nature of reality in ancient Western philosophy.
  18. A guide to the life and death of Socrates.
  19. Roman Philosophy: Definitions, significant themes, significant figures, and applications.
  20. The philosophical implications of mythology in the ancient world.

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Philosophy of Art Research Paper Ideas

  1. An analysis of the main themes in the romantic-existential orientation of creativity.
  2. A case study of significant representatives of the romantic-existential trend
  3. A study of the essential features of consciousness with Ideality in creativity.
  4. An analysis of the inner spiritual experience in creativity and Art.
  5. Aesthetics and Science: Definitions, relations, and applications.
  6. Aesthetics and Philosophy: Definitions, significant themes, and applications.
  7. A case study of the significant philosophy propagators with sensually oriented Aesthetics.
  8. A comprehensive study of Art as a transcendental form of human activity for sublimation.
  9. An analytical study of the focus on figurative and symbolic forms of cognition and expression in Art and their relation to rational reproducibility.
  10. Relative Rationalization: Study of the meaning of symbols and imageries in Art and Aesthetics.
  11. An analytical study of Philosophy with science, religion, and Art.
  12. The epistemological shift in the Historical relationship between Art and Philosophy.
  13. Painting as Philosophy: The one actual theme of the Renaissance, according to Leonardo da Vinci
  14. A comprehensive guide to the Philosophical implications in fine Arts (Poetry and Architecture).
  15. A comprehensive study of Existentialism (G. Marcel, J.P. Sartre, and A. Camus).
  16. The romantic implications of Existentialism in the philosophical system of Sartre.

Political Philosophy Research Topics

  1. A study of the major themes and implications of the National-political movements in the twentieth century.
  2. What are the prominent socio-political ideals of the philosophy of the Enlightenment?
  3. A comprehensive case-study of National resources in Russian communism.
  4. An Analytical study of The national ideological origins of civil society in America.
  5. A comprehensive case study of the significant features in socio-political Space & Time.
  6. A comprehensive case study of the foreign policies of industrial countries with the presupposition of Freedom and Justice as foundational values.
  7. An analysis of The problem of self-determinism in cultural and political affairs.
  8. Cultural Dialectics: a comprehensive study of the efficiency of politics as a means for building contact and balance between countries.
  9. An analysis of The definitions and concerns of political history as a philosophical and ideological outlook.
  10. Socio-Political Cognition: Definitions, significant themes, and applications.
  11. A Comprehensive Guide to the concept of “Superman” in the philosophy of Nietzsche with its political applications.
  12. What are the primary functions of the Conscious and unconscious duality in the human psyche, and how do politicians take advantage of that?
  13. The essential shift in political foundations: a study of the problem of unity and diversity in the historical process.
  14. A comprehensive study of the truth as an epistemological problem of politics.
  15. Various political strategies and their Optimistic and pessimistic options for developing countries.
  16. The philosophical stance of intellectuals in 21st-century philosophy.
  17. A comprehensive case study of racial justice in the US.
  18. The Philosophical Implications of books on Magic from the ancient era.
  19. An in-depth analysis of the spiritual nature of life with scientific means.

Argumentative Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. A study of the inherent good and evil in human beings
  2. Why do we have to go to family support to find happiness?
  3. What are the tested methods for human happiness without reproduction?
  4. The philosophical implications of Homework.
  5. The philosophical implications of Law and Order in Society.
  6. How can Philosophy lead people towards gambling?
  7. Why do most people think that they aren’t living their lives to the fullest?
  8. Which nationalities are more likely to desire improvement of life quality and why?
  9. Is each person unique, or are our personalities pre-made templates?
  10. An in-depth analysis of the significant elements in religious wars.
  11. How can the philosophy of nihilism be the way to perdition?
  12. Why do many thinkers think that Idealism is unachievable in real life?
  13. What happens to the question of Morality when we tend to follow every rule?
  14. An analysis of the objective or subjective nature of Morality.
  15. Feminine Fashion: Philosophy, Definitions, and how it affects the macho concept and patriarchy.
  16. The philosophical implications of the benefits of competition in Sports.
  17. How can meanness to younger siblings function as a nurturing technique?
  18. The origins of social restrictions with the concept of the forbidden fruit.
  19. The origins of Utilitarianism and their association with violence and social rejection.
  20. The importance of applying scientific methods in analyzing religion.

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Research Proposal Topics in Philosophy for College

  1. Philosophical discussion on the concept of the beauty of the heart.
  2. A Philosophical discussion on law and ethics and balancing methods.
  3. Reincarnation: Definition, History, and philosophical implications.
  4. How can the truth be a very effective technique for winning arguments?
  5. An analysis of north European folklore and its significant themes.
  6. A discussion on the meaning of feeling pride in something.
  7. What are the significant impacts of Art courses in schools on the average American Children?
  8. How can excessive knowledge be bad for your health?
  9. The evolutionary implications of women’s love for their hair. 
  10. A philosophical analysis of the nature of lies.
  11. What are the ethical and moral considerations in interacting with Robots?
  12. A philosophical analysis of Life and Afterlife.
  13. A discussion on the role and importance of significant corporations in society.
  14. Capitalism: Definitions, History, Alternatives, and functions.

Philosophy Research Topics for High School

  1. A philosophical analysis of the voting age in America
  2. A comprehensive discussion about the subconscious
  3. What are the ethical considerations of abortion in advanced countries?
  4. A philosophical analysis of the nature of Money in the age of technology.
  5. How can torture be justified as an anti-terrorist measure?
  6. A philosophical analysis of the effects of forgiveness on awareness.
  7. What is the ideal form of government, according to contemporary western thinkers?
  8. What are the main methods of recognition in human interaction?
  9. How do different Western Philosophers define the concept of happiness?
  10. A greater consciousness experiences the theoretical implications of life as a dream.
  11. The ethical and social considerations of expanding weeks.
  12. An inspection of the presence of other intelligent life forms in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  13. How does determinism stand with the concept of free will?
  14. The moral implication of time travel and making changes in the past.
  15. An analysis of the restrictive function of religion in understanding life.
  16. A philosophical analysis of the meaning of love and loving others.
  17. The restrictions and limitations of moral behavior in the modern world.
  18. How can wars be justified with the reasoning of the greater good?
  19. What are the essential moral values of modern life?
  20. Postmodern Philosophy: Definitions, Methods, and significant figures.
  21. What are the major approaches to defining loneliness?
  22. What are the frequent techniques and ceremonies for afterlife preparation?
  23. The ethical restrictions of coming back to life with memories of the previous life.
  24. How can the “Something is better than nothing” thinking benefit economic improvement?
  25. Is suffering an option for human beings in the face of tragedies, or is it unavoidable?
  26. The ethical considerations and moral limitations of the assisted suicide practice.

Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. How can religion and a deep-rooted belief in God change a person’s behavior?
  2. Machiavellian ideals: Definitions, Methods, and Relevance
  3. How long can animal experimentations be justified with the reasoning of necessary cruelty for the greater good?
  4. How does a utilitarian administration in a country benefit its people and society?
  5. Communism: Definitions, Criticisms, and Examples throughout contemporary history.
  6. An inspection of the exclusivity of violence to human beings as a species.
  7. How is economic justice superior to legal justice?
  8. The moral implications and ethical restrictions of considering abortion as an option for women.
  9. The epistemological impact of the new philosophy movement in the 20th century on the course of knowledge in the US.
  10. Methods and Techniques for ensuring that you are different from others.
  11. A philosophical analysis of the ethics and behavioral limitations of Robots.
  12. How can you accept a fact without testing and questioning its validity?
  13. A philosophical analysis of the arrival and dominance of artificial intelligence and its dominion over our lives.
  14. Socratic Method: Definition, Criticisms, and examples
  15. Ethical limitations and moral consideration of owning a pet
  16. An in-depth analysis of the life and death of Plato
  17. A discussion on the nature of honor in ancient Rome.
  18. The Life of Reason: Definitions and examples
  19. The significance of education in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Practical Philosophy Research Paper Ideas

  1. A discussion on redefining the concepts of War and Peace in the modern world.
  2. An in-depth analysis of the significance of abolishing state borders.
  3. Globalization: definitions, methods, and Criticisms
  4. An in-depth analysis of the relativity of truth in modern life.
  5. Moral restrictions and ethical considerations of the death penalty
  6. The growing function of Twitter as a means for mainlining a political presence.
  7. Black Lives Matter: definitions, history, philosophy, and criticisms
  8. The Truth Online: Definition, approaches, and examples.
  9. The common fear of change: Why are people afraid of technological advancements, and how can they be dealt with?
  10. What is the philosophy of peaceful protest, and how is it managed?
  11. What is the philosophy behind anti-vaccination movements?
  12. The modern romance: definitions, methods, and examples
  13. Applying medieval philosophy to contemporary American literature.
  14. The philosophy of Eco-friendliness: Definition, Major figures, and applications

Philosophy research papers concerning Morality

  1. A comprehensive discussion on methods and techniques for controlling alcohol consumption.
  2. A philosophical analysis of the moral side-effects of colonization in America.
  3. The moral restrictions and ethical considerations for leaving the planet Earth to populate Mars.
  4. The moral restriction of colonizing other planets.
  5. Moral consideration and ethical restrictions of capitalism and the moral concept of Greed.

Controversial Philosophy Topics

  1. A chronological study of the course of a person’s life as shaped by Western society values and beliefs.
  2. Is it true that wealth and happiness go hand in hand?
  3. The importance of the willingness to experience a happier life.
  4. Is spiritual power superior to the concept of free will?
  5. How can genetics alter the social and individual behavior of human beings?
  6. A discussion on how the word “Love” can alter states of positivity in human beings.
  7. An evolutionary study of the “desire to live” in human beings.
  8. The moral restriction and ethical problems of forming the so-called “perfect world.”
  9. How do religion and philosophy contradict or support each other?
  10. The epistemological significance of rules for the healthy functioning of any form of establishment.
  11. The philosophical implications and moral restrictions of abortion.
  12. A comprehensive guide to controversial philosophers in ancient Greece.
  13. What are the moral implications of euthanasia or assisted suicide?
  14. What are the ethical restrictions of genetic engineering?
  15. A comprehensive case study of the history of Poverty in America.
  16. An analytical case study of the nature of free will.

Plato Philosophical research Ideas

  1. A comprehensive study of the effects of Plato’s philosophy on Christian metaphysics.
  2. A case study of literary devices in Plato’s Republic and Symposium.
  3. A comprehensive study of the similarities in the philosophical systems of Plato and Aristotle.
  4. The analytical function of the concept of the soul through the lens of the eternal.
  5. A comprehensive study of reason, emotion, and desire.
  6. Moral limitations of Plato’s system of thinking in the Republic.
  7. A comparative study of analytical approaches and techniques in Plato’s philosophical system vs. Aristotle’s.
  8. A comprehensive study of the theory of Forms in Plato’s thought.
  9. Plato’s guide for making the ideal world as reflected in the Republic
  10. Plato’s Parable of the Cave as a reflection upon the modern visages of life.


Many students find it hard to deal with their philosophy research paper, and it’s a very challenging issue for them. Proper planning and extensive research can facilitate and simplify this issue like any other issue. Just try to begin with the basics and make sure that you choose an excellent philosophy research paper topic. Still, if you feel you can’t complete your philosophy research paper on your own, you can contact us! We can link you with professional research paper writers who can ace your philosophy project in no time!

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