50 Geography Research Paper Topics

We have collected a complete list of 50 Geography Research Paper Topics to inspire your writing. In this article; You’ll find ideas in Human Geography, Cultural Geography, Physical Geography and even Environment.

One of the crucial elements in writing any research paper is a catchy research topic. Successful students usually go for research topics that are both researchable and catchy. Catchy research topics attract readers’ attention at first glance. There are various research topics concerning every discipline or area of study. Therefore, you have the liberty to choose any topic as long as it is in your area of study. For example, if your field of study is geography, you have a vast set of options to choose from. Many students make the same mistake when it comes to choosing their topic. This frequent mistake is rushing to select an easy subject at hand. Such easy topics prove to be hard for research later in the process. 

When choosing a research topic, always keep this in mind: your topic should summarize everything about your research. Yet, if you still don’t feel sure about how to do it, there’s no need to worry! There are many writing services online that you can go to for help and find sample research topics. 

Topics for Research Papers in Geography

Your geography research topic may be concerned with multiple fields of study. Moreover, you can use empirical geographic models or write about scientific material. You can write about how human activity affects the planet. If your professor asked you to write a geography research paper, your first step would be choosing a good research topic! Here are some of the best geographical topics you can explore.

Geography Research Paper Topics
Topics for Research Papers in Geography

Human Geography Topics for Research Paper

  1. An analysis of the role of excessive deforestation on global warming
  2. An epistemological shift in European culture
  3. How has ethnic dressing in Europe changed during the previous century?
  4. What is the significance of studying human geography in the modern world?
  5. What is the relation between physical geography and human geography?
  6. How has urbanization affected natural resources in Europe?
  7. The significant actions of the European Union to counteract ozone depletion in the past decade
  8. What are the significant areas of concern in human geography?
  9. How has industrialization changed the climate of the planet?
  10. What are the major sub-disciplinary fields of study in human geography?

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Cultural Geography Topics

  1. What are the essential food imports in my country?
  2. What are the long-term effects of globalization on the Chinese economy?
  3. The effects of cultural superiority on human behavior
  4. The benefits of globalization for underdeveloped and developing nations
  5. What are the benefits of preserving native cultures for the psychological health of a nation?
  6. What is the geographical significance of studying world religions?
  7. A comparative study of educational systems in major western and eastern nations
  8. What is the role of cultural geography in promoting tourism in Turkey?

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Physical Geography Research paper Topics

  1. The significant effects of endogenous geological processes on earth formation 
  2. An analysis of The role of anthropogenic factors in soil formation
  3. The significance of the Noble Gasses in the atmosphere of Earth
  4. What are the determining factors in the geographical envelope?
  5. What are the primary organizational forms of living matter on Earth?
  6. The devastating effects of Australian Bush Fire on world climate
  7. The effects of meteorology history on modern methods of research
  8. Water Scarcity and Global Warming: A Global Warning 
  9. The benefits of mangrove trees for the preservation of marine ecosystems
  10. The significant effects of climate change on agricultural production in West Africa
  11. Soil Contamination: the role of pesticides and industrial wastes
  12. What is the latest action of the EU against global warming?
  13. The benefits of Electric car development for the environment
  14. How can Electric car development be a countermeasure against global warming?
  15. fisheries ecology: a comprehensive study
  16. What are the effective practices for climate adaptability and sustainability?
  17. What is the significance of geospatial science and modeling?

Geographical Research Paper Topics Concerning Environment 

  1. How can the prospect of mining change the geographical features of the environment?
  2. What are the significant actions of the EU for environmental management in 2020?
  3. Gully Erosion: how it affects the environment
  4. How can domestic airline operations and management facilitate processes for maintaining the environment? 
  5. What are the prospects of soil contamination caused by the developing space industry in the near future?
  6. How does traffic congestion affect the environment?
  7. What is the significance of coral reefs, and how can they affect the environment? 
  8. The environmental aspects of the Fukushima disasters throughout the ages
  9. What is the significance of reforestation in environmental reviving?
  10. Nuclear Development: how can it change the geographical features of natural environments?
  11. How can small bodies of water benefit the environment?
  12. How does the prospect of Hybrid Vehicles development serve the natural environment?
  13. What is the significance of underground water reserves for the environment?
  14. How ocean acidification changes the future of marine life?
  15. What is the significance of trees for the natural environment?


As you can see, you can choose many different topics to conduct your geographical research. Just remember to make your choice wisely! Try to go for a topic that is interesting to you and researchable. You can find reliable information with less effort with a researchable topic. So before choosing your research topics, make sure that you choose a topic with enough information to go to when conducting your research.

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