100+ Ecology Research Paper Topics

We have collected a complete list of 100+ ecology research paper topics to inspire your writing. You have to know that finding the proper ecology topics can be extremely challenging sometimes. The ecology field covers many topics, so choosing may be extremely difficult.

Ecology Topics for Research Paper

Has your professor instructed you to write an ecology research paper? You probably want to choose the most exciting ecology topics for your research paper. Writing a well-composed research paper can be a stressful experience for many students worldwide. You need to spend a lot of time and effort on your paper. You may have to spend days conducting your research. Then, it would be best if you spent a lot of time writing your paper.

Ecology Research Paper Topics
Ecology Topics for Research Paper

Meanwhile, you might waste a lot of time finding the perfect topic! You don’t have to worry about such an issue as this article has a list of good ecology topics. With our list of ecology topics, you can choose your topic conveniently. You can use the ecology topics for your presentations or research papers.

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Evolutionary Ecology Research Paper Topics

  1. The shift in the Transcriptomic features of plant species while moving from aquatic habitats to terrestrial habitats.
  2. How to define population variations in the structure of the carnivorous population.
  3. The evolutionary course of developing social complexities in human beings.
  4. What are the trends in eating habits that significantly impact the environment?
  5. Analyzing the effects of invaders on a colony of soil fungi. 
  6. An analytical history of manure
  7. How does climate change impact biodiversity (natural and artificial environments)?
  8. What are maternal structures? Maternal structures are a set of operational functions that guarantee the survival of the offspring.
  9. The age-old course of the species discoveries. 
  10. Methods and techniques for applying social ecology. 

Ecology Experiment Ideas for College Students

  1. An analytical study of the effects of hydrogen peroxide on plant roots.
  2. A practical guide for finding invasive plant species in your backyard.
  3. A comprehensive guide to using water plants for measuring the quality of tap water.
  4. How do fertilizers affect marine life in the Pacific Ocean?
  5. What are the significant effects of acidic rain on marine life?
  6. An introduction to the plant species that grow in your backyard.
  7. Roundup: A comprehensive study of benefits and harms of weed killers for organic farming.

Environment and Ecology Research Topics

  1. Modern Methods and techniques for reversing the destructive effects of human activities on nature.
  2. An in-depth analysis of the effects of fracking on the natural environment.
  3. How does global warming affect the migration of polar bears?
  4. An introduction to the practical methods for measuring global climate change.
  5. A review of the significant shifts in the features of the ecosystem during the past five years. 
  6. Cultivating Wind Farms: a review of green energy conservation helping the natural environment. 
  7. A review of the growth or decline of farming in The USA during the last five years.

Human Ecology Research Topics

  1. Practical analysis of meta town safety for human inhabitants.
  2. A comprehensive review of the effects of human activities on the natural glaciers during the past decade.
  3. Ecological physiology: a comprehensive review of definitions, methods, and relevance. 
  4. What are the practical methods ecologists use to save endangered species in the ocean?
  5. Agrarianism: A comprehensive review of definitions and functions.
  6. An analytical study of the relationship between human beings and the world of ecology.
  7. A discussion on the evolution of social complexities in human beings. 
  8. What are the significant challenges created by the rapid increase in fast food consumption?
  9. How does the overconsumption of fast food affect the natural environment?
  10. A review of methods and techniques for reversing the damage done on nature by humans. 

Undergraduate Project Topics on Ecology

  1. Salt Marshes: A comprehensive review of methods of formation
  2. What are the most prominent human activities that cause seas to become dead zones?
  3. Marine Reefs: How are they formed, and what is their function in the ecosystem?
  4. An analytical study of the practical function of diversity in the ecosystem.
  5. What are the significant effects of increasing consumerism on the natural environment?
  6. Gastric microbiota: Definitions and functions.
  7. A practical study of the evolution of social complexities in humans.
  8. What are the major environmental issues endangering the African Savanna?
  9. Ecological footprint: A comprehensive review of definitions and significance.
  10. What are the most prominent population variations in the structural formation of carnivores’ population?
  11. An analytical study of the effects of sleep on facilitating the course of evolution within species. 

Ecology Research Topics for High School

  1. An analysis of the effects of global warming on the tundra.
  2. A comparative study of the phosphorus cycle and the nitrogen cycle.
  3. Natural Green Effect: A review of definitions and functions.
  4. Practical methods for eliminating nonrenewable energy sources. 
  5. Eutrophication: A comprehensive study of definitions and origins.
  6.  What are the effective methods of nature in dealing with toxins?
  7. Competitive Exclusion: A review of Definitions, principals, and examples.
  8. Green Roofs: How do they work, and their significance in preserving the environment?

Ecology Research Topics for College Students

  1. What are the best methods for making a restaurant environmentally friendly?
  2. Compost Heap: a review of definitions and functions.
  3. What is the significance of ecological footprint in marine life?
  4. What are the most effective techniques for marketing your eco-friendly product?
  5. Factorial ecology: A comprehensive study of definitions and functions.
  6. What are the seven biomes on Earth, and what is their significance?
  7. Mutualism: Definitions and significance.
  8. What are the significant effects of discarded motor oil on ecology?

Argumentative Ecology Research Papers Topics

  1. Deep ecology movement: can it be called a new-born religion?
  2. An analytical study of consumerism as the most concerning ecological issue of modern times. 
  3. Why do the mainstream media platforms refuse to address ecological problems?
  4. How can volunteer organizations help in preventing an ecological disaster?
  5. Practical methods for altogether abolishing dependence on nonrenewable sources of energy.
  6. What is the significance of filling unoccupied ecological niches artificially?
  7. What are the significant biochemical interactions between animal and plant species?
  8. How significant is the threat of irreversible damage to the planet caused by human activity?
  9. A moral discussion on ecology: Governmental or individual responsibility?
  10. The significance of teaching environmentally friendly behavior at schools.

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Compare and Contrast Ecology Project Topics

  1. Compare and contrast the fundamental principles of reformist environmentalism and the deep ecology movement.
  2. The function and significance of the nitrogen cycle and the phosphorus cycle.
  3. Compare and contrast the major types of symbiotic relationships and their variation in function.
  4. Compare and contrast the features of equilibrium populations and opportunistic populations.
  5. The Terrestrial Ecosystem: A comparison and contrast of two terrestrial ecosystems.
  6. Compare and contrast the features and functions of a sustainable and non-sustainable society.
  7. Compare and contrast the significance of the littoral, limnetic, and benthic areas in a lake.

Marine Ecology Research Topics

  1. What are the most current US environmental policies towards marine ecology?
  2. What are the most effective techniques environmentalists may use to save endangered sea turtles?
  3. The significant functions of conservation ecology in aiding marine life
  4. What are the major environmental issues of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?
  5. What is the ecological function of the Atlantic salmon?
  6. A comprehensive study of the formation of dead zones in seas.
  7. What are Different types of reefs, and how are they formed?
  8. What is the importance of the so-called “black smokers” in preserving marine life?

Analytical Ecology Research Paper Topics

  1. An analytical description of the significant components of the gastric microbiota.
  2. A comprehensive discussion on ecology and evolution of Magnetotactic bacteria.
  3. An analytical study of Microbial metabolism and production processes in the ocean.
  4. An analytical case-study of ecological issues in the African savanna.
  5. What are the origins and applications of social ecology?
  6. An analytical description of the shift in the ecology of polar bears over the last 50 years.
  7. An analysis of the most valuable methods for Sustainable agroecology in temperate ecosystems.
  8. The ecological implications and functions of the natural green effect.
  9. What are the Direct and indirect values associated with biodiversity?
  10. What are the natural processes to deal with artificial toxins in the natural environment?
  11. An analytical study of the principles of population ecology in the example of the Siberian tiger.
  12. Practical methods for comparing and measuring species richness in the ecology of natural environments.
  13. What are the most valuable methods and strategies for marketing environmentally friendly products?
  14. An analytical case study of countries that have deliberately ignored critical environmental issues.
  15. How do many countries tend to ignore and abuse the natural environment?
  16. An analytical case study of the latest technological devices for treating hazardous industrial waste material.
  17. What are the significant air pollution causes, and how to deal with them?
  18. An analytical study of the dangers caused by non-indigenous species for the Australian natural environment.
  19. What are the most effective techniques and methods for teachers to improve the ecological thinking of their students?

Forest Ecology Topics

  1. A comprehensive review of the national forest estate biodiversity index.
  2. A study of Carbon storage functions and the benefits of substituting harvested wood products.
  3. An analytical study of causes and impacts of the decline in Tree growth on relict West-Mediterranean mountain forests. 
  4. A Pan-tropical study of forest structure from the giant trees.
  5. A comprehensive study of the challenges associated with estimating abundance according to occurrence models. 
  6. Practical techniques for Curbing deforestation and limiting wildlife trade and its effects on preventing the next viral pandemic. 
  7. What are the significant trends and types associated with forestry software? 
  8. A comprehensive study of group experiences making an emotional connection between people and nature. 
  9. The primary functions of the latest forest technology in reducing costs for forest formation and increasing production. 
  10. What are the effective methods of ecology and silviculture that lead to Sustainable forestry through cultivating resilient forests?


Many students find it hard to deal with their ecology research paper, and it’s a very challenging issue for them. Like any other issue, proper planning and extensive research can facilitate and simplify this issue. Just try to begin with the basics and make sure that you choose an excellent ecology research paper topic. Still, if you feel you can’t complete your ecology project on your own, you can contact us! We can link you with professional research paper writers who can ace your ecology project in no time!

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