150+ Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for argumentative research paper topics? Have you ever asked yourself what can be considered a great argumentative research paper topic? A great argumentative research paper topic anchors your interest immediately. It also leaves you a lot of room for writing persuasively. As a rule of thumb, the more controversial your topic is the more chances to provoke opposition support. Controversial topics usually make a giant pop. Try to go for a hot argument topic if you want to offer new opinions to your readers. Hot argument topics are also perfect for providing new perspectives so that readers can appreciate your skills and penmanship.

Find Good Ideas for Argumentative Research Papers

Many students happen to find themselves in a position of arguing stuff they don’t believe in. If this has happened to you too, you should know that there’s nothing wrong with it. There is no rule for having a total belief in what you’re arguing. You can construct many compelling arguments without wholeheartedly believing in them.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you choose a topic that you are passionate about. Try to pick some topic that arouses strong feelings in you. An excellent argumentative essay has two key components: A firm stance and sorting of evidence. Here’s where an interesting-for-you-topic can actually make your work much more manageable. You will have a fun time in your attempt to provide evidence to support your argument. Just remember that what’s most important is the evidence itself. 

So when choosing a topic, go for something that arouses you either positively or negatively. You can list various ideas and then narrow them down. After that, you can develop the ideas you have narrowed down. Moreover, you can have some potential points you might want to discuss.  

Here’s an example. Imagine you are struggling to decide on writing about a ban on chemical weed-killers in your neighborhood. You might want to write to argue about every student’s right to have free lunch packs in your school. You may note that school hours are too long and need to be cut short. If you’re having problems choosing between such ideas, here’s the key. Try to make a list of your thoughts. Mention 4 to 5 points for each idea covering the pieces of evidence you can use as support. Now you have your ideas plus their evidence points. This can make your decision-making a lot easier for you. 

You can bring various arguments when discussing the ban on chemical weed-killers. Arguments such as weed-killers have proven harmful to bees; there are many less harmful natural alternatives; weeds can actually be beneficial. For supporting your idea about free lunch in school, you can use related arguments. Arguments like: many poor students go hungry and can’t learn effectively. You can propose alternative school food like pizzas or fish and chips. You can also bring some rational arguments about the school day length idea. You can argue that too much school deprives teenagers of precious sleep crucial for effective learning. You can say that too much school leaves no room for finishing Homework or family time.

While making such a list, you can see that some ideas are easier to work on. You might connect with them and feel passionate about them or that the supporting evidence is more available. Remember that you should have stronger feelings towards the evidence to have a better topic. Various scenarios may occur that depend on your personal preferences. You might have an idea with lots of supporting evidence, but you decide not to write about it. This is totally alright. The final decision is up to you. Remember that you can easily find supporting points and evidence if you feel strongly about your topic when writing your arguments. Otherwise, it will be harder for you to do all these. 

Argumentative Research Paper Topics
good topics to write an argumentative research paper

Good Topics for Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

Do you want to write a bomb research paper for your college course? Then try to always remember that your research paper should provoke controversy. Try to go for a subject matter that provides enough room and provocation for the opposition. Try to choose themes that avoid clear answers, and then you can make provocative arguments. The following paragraph lists some of the signs of a catchy research topic.

  • It is absolutely provocative, and readers might even feel offended by it.
  • You can easily find hard rational facts for supporting your ideological stance on the subject
  • It isn’t aimed at discussing moral issues. It is impossible to keep up a logical discussion with such a tendency.
  • Such a topic can leave a bitter or sweet aftertaste in readers’ mouths. They can stop thinking about it after reading.
  • And most important of all points: You feel passionate about your topic.

You might be in a situation where a lack of inspiration keeps wasting your time. If you have such a problem, then worry no more. You can search in our categories of best argumentative research paper topics and find what suits you best.

Politics Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Can financing campaigns make any reforms in work?
  2. What are some of the most significant political moves in the world’s geopolitics today?
  3. Should the president-elect strive to keep up the interest of their party, or should they compromise for the common good?
  4. Is American society potentially and practically ready for the female presidency?
  5. Can American society accept socialism as an ideological alternative?
  6. Does Capitalism really provide the best economic regulations?
  7. Should the Federal Bank stop printing unbacked Dollars because of the bubble theory and proximity of a total economic fall?
  8. What is the importance of equalizing the national deficit? Are there any relative risks that are too big to ignore? 
  9. What can be done to reduce inequality of income?
  10. Which political party of the present era has a better grip on the presidency?
  11. Should the Supreme Court magistrates be selected via elections?
  12. The prospects of prisoners’ vote and their effect on reducing criminal activities. 
  13. Should Voting be fully digitalized?
  14. The risks and benefits of Puerto Rican liberation from Federal regulations. 

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History Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Does History really repeat itself in an endless loop?
  2. What were the effects of the American civil war on America’s global presence?
  3. Was Thomas Jefferson indeed an American Hero, or is he a mythological figure created for liberal propaganda?
  4. Can our modern perspectives change the truth of historical events, or are historical facts independently?
  5. Choose a significant historical era and discuss the situation of immigrants and lower classes during a specific period.
  6. Discussion on the situation of American widows after World War I.
  7. The moral dilemma of American idealism with the historical marginalization of Native Americans. 
  8. The economic and social effects of American slavery in the colonial era on defining American Success.
  9. What global factors led to the rise of Nazism in Germany and later the Holocaust? 
  10. Are there any proven measures for preventing the rise of Fascism in nations?
  11. What were the economic impacts of the black plague in European societies?
  12. How did the rise of Mormons affect the American image in the world?
  13. The impacts of the Civil War on the American economy.
  14. What were the primary preventive measures taken by the Federal Reserve against the great depression?
  15. How could President Lincoln avoid open conflict with the southern confederacy?
  16. What were the effects of the abolishment of slavery on the American economy?
  17. What are significant criticisms of the Second Amendment in the American constitution? 

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Science Argumentative Research Ideas

  1. Is it better if Fracking was legalized?
  2. Should all parents have the right to make pre-birth modifications to their children?
  3. Are GMOs beneficial, or do they cause more harm?
  4. The benefits of forced vaccinations in the public school system.
  5. What is the recent prospect of global efforts addressing climate change?

Topics on Society & Culture

  1. The prospects and outlooks on the improvement of LGTBQ family social experience. 
  2. Should healthcare be regarded as a fundamental human right?
  3. What are the criticisms of Television censorship for preserving familial values in American society? 
  4. What are the effects of so-called social media on social interaction in American society?
  5. The censoring of books in Russia and its adverse effects on the intellectual development of the millennials. 
  6. The benefits of tighter regulation on the concept of consent in the YouTube platform.
  7. What are the best techniques for initiating positing conversations about contentious issues?
  8. The benefits and dangers of the legalization of Marijuana use in Northern America.
  9. The moral issues with medical assistance with suicide for patients with terminal diseases?
  10. The prospects of decriminalizing the possession of certain drugs like marijuana in Mexico City. 
  11. The dangerous prospects of the right to own firearms in America. 
  12. Is the concept of Equality really a seminal theme in the American justice system?

Art Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Street Aesthetics: are Graffiti artists true artisans, or are they vandalizing?
  2. The seminal importance of art education in the school system.
  3. The Modern prospects of creative endeavor in the age of the Internet. 
  4.  How will technology affect painting?
  5. What are the significant effects of the rise of digital platforms on artistic literature?

Music Argumentative Research Ideas

  1. When will the next musical revolution occur, and what are its prospects? 
  2. How violence in musical lyrics contributes to an increase in violence in society?
  3. How may music in Workspace become annoying, and what can be done to prevent that?
  4. The aesthetic significance or musical endeavor.

Economic Argumentative Research Topics

  1. What are the legal prospects of unpaid internships in America?
  2. Why should the American government consider a considerable increase in the minimum wage?
  3. What are the promising prospects of monopolies in the American economy?
  4. Is it helpful to establish a universal basic income limit? How can such a measure fight extreme poverty?
  5. Should the taxes on super-corporations be reduced or increased?

Education Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the significant benefits of inclusive schools for “general education” students?
  2. How practical are standardized tests in improving school performance?
  3. Why should governments enforce higher education on the masses? 
  4. What are the highlights of LGBTQ students’ experience in college courses?
  5. The relationship between economic poverty and educational poverty: solutions and prospects.
  6. The benefits of uniforms for a healthy school environment.
  7. Why should governments make college-level education free of charge?
  8. The prospects of comprehensive sex education in the American school system.

Topics on Technology

  1. How can online dating act as an alternative to real dating?
  2. How can technology act as a limiting factor for creativity?
  3. Is governmental funding for Space-X exploration programs a waste of national resources, or is it the way to the future?
  4. The advance of technology causes the prospects of increased Social Isolation.
  5. How do Facebook’s consent forms deprive its users of the right to take legal action in case of Data-theft?
  6. The legal prospects of Self-Driving cars.
  7. The moral prospects of using automation as an alternative to the human workforce.
  8. The moral responsibilities of Drivers in using technological gadgets while driving.
  9. The positive and negative effects of using big-screen monitors in the driver cabins of modern cars.
  10. The destructive effects of the emergence of the Internet on the natural environment.
  11. The legal prospects of using the Internet for the next ten years. 
  12. The destructive and constructive effects of the Internet on human societies as a modern platform. 

Psychology Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. The religious prospects of heterosexual friendship in Europe. 
  2. The social prospects of homosexual relationships in America.
  3. Why do men need protection from feminist assaults?
  4. What are the moral prospects of legalizing surrogacy?
  5. A comprehensive analysis of Digital Depression as the primary disease of the media community. 
  6. How traditionally might oriented parents encourage gender clichés?

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Religion Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why should religion-based organizations be taxed?
  2. The importance of having religious student clubs in the American school system. 
  3. The “one nation under God” clause in the American pledge of allegiance is of national significance.
  4. Why should religious discussion be a part of the School Curriculum in America?
  5. A defense of the right of the American clergymen to marry.

Topics on Ethics

  1. Why should governments legalize and fund sex workers’ businesses?
  2. The importance of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day means correcting historical wrong-doings.
  3. Why should the death penalty be legalized under Federal laws? 
  4. The moral prospects of drug experimentation on animals.
  5. Why should marijuana possession be decriminalized in the USA?

Sports argumentative research paper topics

  1. Why should college athletes be paid more money for professional sports teams?
  2. Why should players be paid the same amount of money as coaches?
  3. The gloomy prospects of the abolishment of designated hitters in baseball.
  4. Why should the US government give more funds to US soccer?
  5. How does the rise of NCAA night negatively impact the academic career of student-athletes?
  6. The moral prospects of the legalization of Steroids use in sports.
  7. Why should gender segregation be abolished in significant sports tournaments?
  8. Why should US Colleges spend less money on Sports?
  9. What are the discriminations that female student-athletes suffer in the American school system?
  10. The significance of cheerleading as a complementary activity to significant sports.

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Animals argumentative research paper topics

  1. The benefits and Dangers of Zoos for Wildlife.
  2. The Ethical prospects of wearing fur and leather.
  3. The legal and moral prospects of keeping exotic pets.
  4. A medical examination of wildlife preserves safety for wild species. 
  5. Why should Animal Fashion events be criminalized?

Immigration argumentative research topics

  1. How can an increase in immigration benefit the US Economy?
  2. The safety prospects of the ban on illegal immigration during Trump presidency.
  3. The importance of providing good education opportunities for child immigrants.
  4. What are the most effective techniques for decreasing illegal immigration in the USA?

Medical argumentative research paper topics

medical argumentative research paper topics
argumentative research paper topics medical
  1. The moral prospects of refusing specific treatments because of religious beliefs?
  2. Why should teenagers be given the right to choose Plastic Surgery without their parents’ consent?
  3. The moral and legal prospects of euthanasia in US Hospitals.
  4. Why shouldn’t Doctors be allowed to promote certain medicines?
  5. Why should influencers stop advertising commercial dietary supplements and weight loss items?
  6. The legal and moral prospects of assisted suicide.
  7. Why should the American government regulate a single-payer healthcare system?
  8. The legal and moral prospects of minors’ use of birth control without parental consent.
  9. Should the US government criminalize parents who have obese children?

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Topics for Argumentative Essays of Elementary School students

Essay writing is an excellent exercise for every student. Such a practice is more beneficial when students write argumentative essays. It doesn’t matter what level you are at. You might be a middle school, high-school, or college-level student. The critical element is finding a research topic that can ignite passionate discussion. Regardless of your age, you can pick these exciting topics for your argumentative essays. 

The following topics can be the perfect choice for elementary school kids.

  1. Why should there be commercials in children’s programs?
  2. How can heavy Homework negatively impact students’ school performance?
  3. What are the prospects of keeping schools open all year?
  4. How can the US government improve the school experience for students from various ethnicities?
  5. Gender implications in the treatment of children in US schools.
  6. Why should parents take immediate action to regulate their children’s screen time?
  7. The negative prospects of opening schools before eight o’clock every morning.
  8. Why should elementary school students be allowed to vote in national elections?
  9. Should the elementary school curriculum focus on fiction or nonfiction literature?
  10. The positive prospects of distance learning in comparison to in-school education. 
  11. How might parents discriminate between their children based on their age?
  12. Why shouldn’t we eat dessert before dinner is served?
  13. How fair and just are the school rules for foreign students. 
  14. What are the destructive effects of eating Hot Dogs on your health?
  15. The benefits of having three generations of a family living together.
  16. Why should the teacher give less Homework for weekends? 
  17. How can elementary school principals stop bullying?
  18. How can Video Games enter School Curriculum as an educational medium?

Argumentative Research Topics for Middle School Students

It is no big surprise that middle school students are becoming more aware of their surrounding environment with the emergence of the Internet. Middle school students now have a stronger connection with their society and culture. Here are some of the best argumentative essay topics for this age group.  

  1. What are the best part-time jobs for middle school students?
  2. Can beauty pageants be beneficial to the middle school environment? 
  3. What are the destructive and constructive effects of video games on American middle school students?
  4. Should parents have a say when middle school students choose to dye their hair?
  5. What are the prospects of Social Media for middle school students’ education?
  6. Why should teachers assign lighter Homework?
  7. Is Homework Really beneficial? 
  8. Is it true that finishing middle school was more challenging in the previous generations?
  9. Why do we consider our favorite musician superior to everybody else?
  10. Why should schools monitor the age-appropriateness of the books students read in their free time?
  11. Are ratings such as G, PG, and R for movies essential?
  12. Why riding the bus to school instead of walking might be safer and better for your health?
  13. Do school lunches have any benefit for students’ general health?
  14. Which one is more beneficial: an hour of exercise or one hour of focused study?
  15. Why should middle schools extend the period of their physical education classes?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics High School

argumentative research paper topics for students
Argumentative Research paper Topics for College Students
  1. Is allowing people to burn the flag a part of granting them the fundamental right of freedom?
  2. How can parents face legal issues if their child doesn’t go to school for extended periods?
  3. How can social media affect the student-parent relationship?
  4. Why should significant companies hire LGBTQ family staff without discrimination?
  5. What are the common gender limitations for women finding a respectable job in your country?
  6. What are the significant factors determining the minimum wages in America?
  7. Why should all high-school students participate in physical education?
  8. How can climate change threaten the prospects of higher education?
  9. What are the benefits of Wind Farms for the economy and nature?
  10. Why should high schools provide winter clothes for poor students?
  11. Should you sample your DNA to get your genealogical tree or not?
  12. Why should parents refuse specific medication to be used on their kids?

Argumentative Research paper Topics for College Students

College writing is more severe and requires more effort. When you want to write a college-level argumentative essay, you need firm arguments and strong support. With these elements, you can write your argumentative essay. Here are some ideas to choose your research topic from. 

  1. What are the significant emotional differences between males and females?
  2. Are paper books going extinct with the arrival of e-readers?
  3. Should the age limit for drinking be increased? 
  4. Should parents face legal repercussions if their child gets fatally obese?
  5. Why should top-quality college courses be free of charge?
  6. Should we regard beauty standards more inclusively?
  7. Increasing taxes on income for the wealthy one percent. 
  8. How does the PC culture help differently-abled students have a better college experience?
  9. Are all people equally entitled to have good healthcare services?
  10. Why might Space Exploration be a massive waste of time and energy?


Many students find it hard to deal with their argumentative research paper, and it’s a very challenging issue for them. Like any other issue, proper planning and extensive research can facilitate and simplify this issue. Just try to begin with the basics and make sure that you choose an excellent argumentative research paper topic. Still, if you feel you can’t complete your argumentative project on your own, you can contact us! We can link you with professional research paper writers who can ace your argumentative essay in no time!

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