How to reduce PowerPoint file size with video

How to reduce PowerPoint file size with video? You probably know that sometimes videos and other media files can have huge sizes!

Suppose you have media files in your PowerPoint presentation with large sizes. In that case, you can compress them and make a significant reduction in your project’s final file size. A better choice would be to hunt useless videos and omit them completely. Use the default video compression options available in PowerPoint. You will be able to reduce your final file size by over six times smaller than the original.

If you decide to compress your media in PowerPoint, you can follow these simple steps and see the results yourself.

1. First of all, Select the File tab

Find the File tab within the PowerPoint presentation with the videos or other media you want to compress. Now click on the File tab, you should be able to have a backstage view of PowerPoint.  Unlike what you might have thought so far, Videos and every other media are compressed in the backstage view of PowerPoint. This process won’t happen in the Video Format tab.

2. Find and Select the Info tab

When you are in the backstage view of your PowerPoint project, look for the Info tab, click on it when you find it, and then you can have access to the compress media tools.

3. Find the Compress Media drop-down and open it

When you are inside the Info tab of your PowerPoint presentation, look for the Compress Media command and then select it. Under the Media Size & performance options, you will be able to check the total size of the media you have in your PowerPoint project.

Suppose by any chance, and you cannot find the Compress Media command. In that case, this means that there is no video or any other media inside your presentation that PowerPoint can compress. You should know that you can only try to compress the media used in your ongoing PowerPoint presentation. So, therefore, you better look for the proper presentation project and go back to step one and start from there. 

How to reduce PowerPoint file size with video
how to reduce PowerPoint file size with video

You do not need to compress your narrations! If you have prepared narration media via the PowerPoint’s built-in Record Slide Show command, the audios or videos of your narration don’t need compression.

4. Choose a compression option for file size

When you have access to the Compress Media drop-down, examine the three compression options for your media. These three options are:

  1. Standard (480p)
  2. HD (720p)
  3. Full HD (1080p)

Suppose you feel dubious in choosing between these options. In that case, we highly recommend you try compressing your media with the Full HD (1080p) option. Experience shows that this option can reduce the original size of your videos by half. Another benefit of Full HD (1080p) options is that it works brilliantly with all projectors or monitors that you may use for demonstrating your presentation. If you need more file size space, you can go with one of the other formats. Just keep in mind that when you compress your media file, the quality of your media playback will be affected as well. So if you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your media but have a decent amount of compression, try to choose the highest compression option, namely the Full HD (1080p).

5. Wait a bit as PowerPoint compresses your videos

After you choose the compression option of your preference, PowerPoint starts squeezing all of the media available in your presentation. When this process is finished, PowerPoint will open a dialog box and inform you how much space you have saved with the compression of each video.

This excerpt is given here to give you an actual instance of how this compression works. One user compressed a video that he had put in his PowerPoint presentation and eventually saved 872.5 MB. Well, in terms of memory usage for a PowerPoint project, 872.5 MB is quite a significant number. This way, the user was able to present his work with more ease and comfort.

In this article, you found out how to reduce PowerPoint file size with video. Still need help with your doing PowerPoint?

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