Details you need to know in making PowerPoint Presentation

Details you need to follow in making PowerPoint Presentation

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation assignment? Do you know what details you need to follow in making PowerPoint Presentation? In this post, 4 points in PowerPoint design are reviewed. By following these tips, you will create more attractive PowerPoints.

Details you need to know in making PowerPoint Presentation

Standard font size for PowerPoint presentation

You need to choose easy fonts to read. Arial and Helvetica are among the most common fonts. Your font size must not be smaller than 24 points. All the headlines must have the same font. However, the font of the body and the headlines should be different. Captions and subheadings’ fonts should be bold and in a different size. Page numbers should have another font. Bear in mind not to use more than four fonts in your work. Each screen should have its own title and large font of (35-45 points). Larger fonts depict importance in your content. You can use different styles, sizes, and colors to increase the impression of your content. Better to avoid Italicized fonts, long sentences, abbreviations and acronyms, and all caps except for titles. It is recommended to stand six feet from the monitor to test the readability of your text.

Standard font size for PowerPoint presentation
Standard font size for PowerPoint presentation

Design and Graphical Images

it is recommended to use design templates and standardize colors, position, and styles. Keep in mind to keep the information short and precise. Contrasting colors are best for the text and the background. Limit the number of slides to avoid boredom and distraction in your audience. Consistency in the background will significantly help the impression. Many believe that the more they use transitions, animations, and graphic designs, the better their credibility. The truth is the exact opposite. Better to limit their numbers so that the audience knows what to expect.

Use the same graphic rule, border, and graphical image in all the slides. Avoid using several pictures and make the ones that you use all the same size. In case you are using graphics and graphs, keep the text at an appropriate amount. Too much text could make the material hard to read. It would be good to duplicate important images because images reinforce your message in the audience’s mind. Last but not least, stay away from flashy images, noisy effects, and anything else that could distract your audience from the main content.

Text colors for a PowerPoint presentation

The number of colors that you use on the screens should be limited. For instance, in one chart, you can use up to four different colors. Be aware of the effect of the colors on projecting the text and the objects. It is wise to check the presentation before actually presenting it because the color on the monitor is usually different from the projected color.

Text colors for a PowerPoint presentation
Text colors for a PowerPoint presentation

General presentation

In order to have a successful presentation, you must plan ahead carefully and do your research. It is essential to consider the audience and keep an eye on the time. Try to stay focused and speak clearly. It would have a negative impression on the audience to read from your notes. After all, presenting the topic at hand is a part of your responsibilities. Make sure to check your text for any spelling and grammatical mistakes. Bullet points provide the audience with the gist of the points and do reading and listening simultaneously easier for them.

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