How to change footer in PowerPoint

How to change footer in PowerPoint? Are you familiar with the footer and header? PowerPoint is used to present the content. Each presentation has a series of detailed information that can’t be placed in the original text. Information such as the date of presentation, the title of the presentation, and even the presenter’s name should be in the footer. Of course, you must be careful not to overdo it. If you put a lot of information in the footer, it may bore the audience and even reveal the information of the next slides. In this article, we will introduce how to create a footer and change it.

How to change footer in PowerPoint
How to change footer in PowerPoint

Firstly, looking for the Insert tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Now enter the text section. This part is on the right side of the menu. Now look for the Header and Footer section and click on it.

Header and Footer in PowerPoint

2. Add Date and Time To Slides

After entering the Header and Footer, the first option you see is the Date and Time. Most people prefer to know the date and time of making each slide when presenting or even printing slides. You can set a date and time by yourself. If you want to save time, it is better to check the Update Automatically option. Enabling this option will automatically add the date and time to the footer of each slide.

Add Date and Time to slides

The next part consists of three options. To create order, it is best to specify the number of each slide. To avoid mistakes and convenience, you can check the Slide Number option to add the number of each slide automatically. If you click on the Footer checkbox, you can add any text you want to the footer of each slide. Finally, if you do not want this information to be displayed on the first slide, you can click on the Don’t show on the title slide option.

 Edit the Footer Slides’ Data

4. Apply the Changes 

The crucial last step is to apply these changes to each slide. If you forget and do not apply the changes, all these changes will be lost. So be sure to click on the option to Apply to All.

The use of footers in PowerPoint

One of the reasons for using the footer in PowerPoint is to improve the quality of the presentation. When you use the footer in your file, you can present the subject in more detail, and this will increase the quality of the presentation.

The information you use in your presentation may be very old. Even the information you provide may not be up to date at all. But when you use the footer and add the slides’ date to it, the mentality is formed in the audience that you are telling the latest and most up-to-date news.

There is nothing wrong with adding a series of information to the end of each slide. But you must pay attention to two critical points. Firstly, the information should not be too much, and the information should not distract the audience. Secondly, you need to be careful about your aims. Sometimes adding slide numbers can hurt you. For example, you do not have enough domination on one of the slides. So, you may hide this slide so that the audience will not ask you a question about it. But when you add the number of each slide in the footer, people may start counting the slides out of curiosity and ask you about the hidden slides after your presentation. As a result, you will have to answer undesirable questions.

1- We should use the footer to master the presentation better. Using the footer prevents confusion during the presentation. For example, you are talking about the sales of a product in two different months in two different slides. If you use a footer, the similarity of numbers and tables will no longer confuse you during the presentation, and you will know precisely the subject of each slide.

2- Basically, to prepare each PowerPoint, a series of sources are used to collect information. The presenter must mention some sources that are better known and more important. Footer is the best place to cite sources.

3- Keep in mind that professionals use footers. The use of footers creates cohesion and order. If you want to have a clean and neat presentation, it is better to use a footer.

In this article, you found out how to change footer in PowerPoint. Still need help with your doing PowerPoint?

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