How long do students spend on homework?

In this article, we are going to discuss how long do students spend on homework? Before it was common sense that the more time students spend on homework, the better results they would get with their education. Students might spend up to 18 hours a week on their homework assignments in modern times. Nowadays, the nature of the different types of homework has changed to emphasize quality, not quantity. According to the researchers at Princeton University, modern approaches to homework assignments aim to improve critical thinking skills in students for more profound levels of learning.

According to a recent survey of one thousand teachers, high school teachers tend to assign a weekly average of 3.5 hours of homework. A simple calculation can deduce that high school students who usually have five classes with various teachers may have to deal with 17.5 hours of homework each week. The survey mentioned above also found that middle school teachers assign a weekly average of 3.5 hours of homework. While kindergarten to fifth-grade teachers gives a weekly average of about 2.5 hours.
Another independent study from the NCES (the National Center for Education Statistics) in 2011 found that high school students spend a weekly average of 7 hours on their homework. Meanwhile, according to a 1994 study from NCES that reviewed and analyzed data from another survey by the National Assessment agency of Educational Progress. About 40 percent of students under 18 reported spending a daily average of at least one hour on homework.

How long do students spend on homework in different countries?

Have you ever thought about what countries teachers assign the heaviest homework? Here, we have collected some data to show how teachers incorporate tasks into the daily routine of their students in different countries. These are the top 7 countries where students have to spend enormous amounts of time completing their homework tasks:

  1. China: 13.8 hours weekly
  2. Russia: 9.7 hours weekly
  3. Singapore: 9.4 hours weekly
  4. Kazakhstan: 8.8 hours weekly
  5. Italy: 8.7 hours weekly
  6. Ireland: 7.3 hours weekly
  7. Romania: 7.3 hours weekly
How long do students spend on homework
How long do students spend on homework?

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How long do students spend on homework in elementary school? According to the researchers, the amount of homework assigned to students should correspond with their level of education. First-grade students and those in the second and third grades should receive a weekly average of one to three assignments requiring a time of twenty minutes at most. From thence to the sixth grade, the teachers should give tasks that need up to 45 minutes to finish.

Teachers and parents should notice that the primary purpose of homework is to help children develop the ability for independent work. Also, learn the necessary skills for higher grades at such an age. As students advance their process with education. They should spend more time on homework because it would help them achieve more significant results.

What is the recommended time for doing homework in elementary school
Top 4 U.S. states with the most homework in elementary school in minutes per day

How long do students spend on homework in middle and high school? Students in middle school and high school can achieve more gains by increasing their time practicing with their homework. These gains are not dependent on direct supervision and feedback, unlike the situation of the elementary grade students. The best-case scenario for the seventh to ninth-grade students is receiving up to 5 sets of weekly homework, each lasting between 40 to 80 minutes. Meanwhile, high school students should receive up to 5 sets of weekly practice. Only that their completion should take 80 to 150 minutes per set.

The significance of assignments drastically increases as students advance their level of education. Considering how essential homework activities are for levels with senior students, it is no surprise that teachers should assign heavier homework tasks. Homework activities are permanently set in college preparatory classes as well. Moreover, homework takes at least three-quarters of the time in special education classes and vocational training courses.

Considering all these, the number of homework activities assigned to students can indicate teachers’ and parents’ academic expectations of students. Although it needs to be mentioned that assigning heavy homework activities is not a guarantee for having successful students. What matters are the number of time students spend completing their homework activities? So it is no big surprise that students who spend more time on their homework tasks can perform better in school or at other levels of education.

What is the recommended time for doing homework in middle and high school?
Top 4 U.S. states with the most homework in middle and high school in minutes per day

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