How to make homework fun?

How to make homework less boring

I know what kind of problems you kids have, especially when you have homework and don’t know how to finish them and even enjoy doing so. You may need to find the motivation to do them. As a parent, I must say that your kid is the only kid/student suffering from this situation, and many kids are complaining about homework and how much it takes to finish, and there is no fun in completing it.

Just because the family or teacher says that “you should do your homework to get a good grade” doesn’t exactly seem like good motivation. These actions may discourage the students, leading to leaving the homework for the last hours, which is bad.

You should know that there are three important individuals in the student’s life, the teacher, mother and father (parents), who play a crucial role in these situations and these two can actually help have a good time during the homework.

For this reason, I have provided a list of a couple of solutions both the teachers and the parents can use to make sure that the students will have a fun time and be encouraged to do the homework at the right time. Here is the list:

How to make homework fun
How to make homework fun in high school

1. Parents/teachers should provide good motivation for students

Their first motivator of students is the teacher, and he/she can provide an incentive for their students to do their homework. This can include recommendations, event tickets, getting students off the campus such as a trip, etc., for their achievements. 

After the teacher, the parents will be the great motivator of children. Do you want to motivate your kid to finish his/her homework? Teach that your kid will get something that he/she likes if the homework is finished. I don’t say that you can take your children to Disneyland whenever they get their homework done. You can decide the incentive based on your budget limit but choose something that will make your kid very happy. 

Video games? Why not give more time for your kids to play. Do your kids want to go outside? Let them do that. Even money works most of the time. Choose the incentive based on your budget and what your kid wants. 

2. Students should reward/motivate themselves.

This is an important thing you should understand that the main motivator of a person is himself/herself and then family and teachers. Students should learn how to motivate themselves to do something such as their homework. As long as this motivation doesn’t exist, even the parents and teachers cannot help those kids. This is mostly happening among kids with depression, and families need to help with these conditions. 

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A healthy person, however, can easily be motivated by giving himself/ herself rewards. For example, suppose the person has been doing the homework successfully without anyone’s help. In that case, he or she can be motivated by small things such as watching funny videos, spending some time on social media, etc. In other words, something that will make him or her stay positive and continue the tasks without any complaints or feelings of anxiety or depression.

3. Design your workspace

Trust me when I say that the place you are working at, such as doing your homework, will greatly impact your attitude and motivation. 

Let me give you an example. Some of the most important companies around the world, such as Google, are providing fun yet effective workspaces for their employees to work at. By doing so, the managers of this company believe that they can increase the productivity of employees, increasing the revenue. Not only are they improving the employees’ motivation, but they also pave the way for more productivity and efficiency.

If you want to design your place for study and homework, which is usually your room, you better start asking the help of your parents. You can use the internet to create the design you want and also your creativity to finish the place. Create your favorite workplace, and I believe that this could be a great motivation for you to do your work perfectly.

4. Find a partner to do your homework with

This is the thing that every parent and teacher is saying to every student, to have a partner in your schoolwork. It can be your friend or another student in the class. 

I know it is hard to find a person as your homework partner sometimes, but trust me, there will always be someone who will match your personality, prefer to work with you to finish your homework. Did you find that person? Good. Do your homework together and enjoy your time together,

Tip for the parents: Try to reward your kid and his/ her friends with snacks and other incentives that will make them enjoy their time. 

5. Don’t be afraid to use applications; not all of them are bad.

Take an example of the Google Play application. Just because this application has the word “play” in its title doesn’t mean it is only designed for gaming. No! This platform contains numerous fun applications to choose from that you can use for understanding and solving the problems and homework you received from your school. 

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These applications are completely safe, and parents can allow their children to use them. Interestingly, some schools have also designed or recommended certain applications for the students to enjoy. Don’t forget to download them and try to work with them. See which one will suit you.

6. Motivation to time-management

One of the important things that every child should know about is time management, and unfortunately, this is a skill that not all children have mastered or don’t know about. Our kids live at the moment, which I don’t say is bad, but they should understand their time is everything and not waste it. 

Families can be a great help in teaching kids about time management. Do your kids have homework? Perfect! Give them incentives (as mentioned above) if they finish certain tasks or homework at a certain time. This way, they will know the importance of time and be rewarded for the time they put in the work. Choose the incentives wisely and do not invest in something pricy.

In this article, you found out how to make homework fun. Still need help with your doing homework?

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