Why homework should be banned

Is Banning homework a good idea?

Do you have any idea why all homework should be banned? This is a question that countless students ask themselves. This is a proven fact the teachers’ assignment for a night is above the handling capacity of ordinary students. Here, we aim to review a handful of reasons that prove homework should be banned!

One of the characteristics of the 21st century is enormous amounts of homework. Children usually spend a lot of time with to do their homework are puzzles, science posters, covers, book reports, etc. Although the student may constantly complain about their homework, doing homework is an inseparable and integral part of learning. 

There has been hot discussion about the essential nature of homework for decades now. In the opposition, some consider homework as harmful for both the students and their parents. There might be some valid points in looking at it that way because everybody would live a lot happier without homework. 

7 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned 

Believe it or not: homework can cause depression! 

Why Homework Should Be Banned 
7 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

1. Homework can cause depression! 

Too much homework can affect students’ physical and mental health profoundly. Some of the results of heavy assignments are getting headaches, sleep loss, and weight loss. According to researchers at Stanford, up to 56% of students regard doing homework as the main reason behind anxiety and fatigue. 

2. Families could spend some quality time!

According to a new national survey, one out of every three American families has stated that the main reason behind the anxiety and tension in their house is teachers’ home assignments. Tight deadlines leave less to no room for shared family moments and activities. This issue is so rooted in their family life that they have to plan according to their children’s homework. Since students must follow specific guidelines in doing their homework, parents would have no chance of getting involved in the learning process. 

3. Homework has no benefits whatsoever!

The third factual piece of evidence in favor of banning homework is that it has no benefits! The typical assumption that teachers make is that doing homework helps students by improving their memory. Yet this is a wrong belief because, with more homework, students would be less motivated and less driven in learning. Consequently, instead of being an encouraging angel, homework would be a discouraging demon leading students to the abyss of stress and anxiety. 

4. Improvement of students’ mental health

When students fail to complete their homework on time, they might suffer from mental issues. Typically, teachers presuppose that tight deadlines help students with their time management skills, but the issue at hand is much more complex. The homework might be frustratingly dull or too heavy that students are unable to find time for doing it. After students fail big time on doing their homework, they are prone to developing mental issues and scars. Some students might suppose that they lack the intellectual faculties that are necessary for having a successful life. This way, students might get discouraged from further learning. There is still the homework-induced suicide risk factor involved, which you can totally eliminate by simply banning homework. 

5. Failure in tests

Schools can help their students in getting better test results by simply eliminating the homework. The problem with heavy homework is that it absorbs all students’ attention, and they might fail to pass their exams with good grades. You should know that heavy homework assignments can be as distracting as video games, partying, tablets, phones, etc. 

6. You won’t have any time for yourself

The sixth major problem with homework is that it leaves you no room for some quality time with yourself. When students put gross amounts of their time into doing their heavy assignments, they won’t be able to develop crucial life skills that would be helpful to them in the future. Serious homework usually deprives students of any chance to participate in school extracurricular activities such as sports events, musical events, student gatherings, etc. More importantly, students won’t be able to develop essential social skills and life hacks such as self-management, staying independent, socializing, etc. 

A ban on all homework or minimal homework provides students with the chance to appreciate finer things in life, such as music and literature. They might even find that they have an undiscovered talent in a field that nobody would have thought of and become an overnight success! 

7. Homework does NOT guarantee academic development

When scientists studied the effect of doing homework on student lives, the results were not unanimous. One side of the issue is that the results show that total elimination of assignments is quite beneficial for junior students as it separates the house life and class life of students. Not only that, the senior students still draw benefit from a ban on homework’s extra burden as they will spend more time on projects outside of the classroom. All in all, there are errors in researches as such, and there is no concluding research at hand that would send such a debate once and for all. But, until such definitive research is done, it seems more reasonable to stay safe than sorry. 

So Should Students Have Homework?

Now it’s pretty evident that homework is not the key to any academic success. It has next to nothing educational value, and it only sparks conflict between students, parents, and the school. Homework affects children mentally as well as physically in a negative manner. It needs to be mentioned that kids are not the only victims of heavy homework assignments.

Serious homework puts teachers on the spot with all the pressure from meeting semester goals, covering the syllabus, etc.; the frustrated teachers try to use heavy homework as a shortcut to meeting semester ends rather successfully. At the same time, they are unaware that there is no need to do so and how absurd it is. The main issue at hand is the association of homework with penalization instead of pleasure for students. With homework, the portion of students’ time that should be focused on pursuing creative and beneficial activities will be wasted on a pointless and stressful effort for meeting deadlines on assignments. 

In this article, you found out why homework should be banned. Still need help with your doing homework?

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