Why Homework Is Bad

Many students from all around the globe agree on this: Homework is terrible! This being said, one can hardly gain any educational success without assignments. The students traditionally complete such assignments without any help. The self-guided nature of homework activities is considered a crucial step in learning. You may be surprised to find out that piling up homework activities will not help students’ educational progress in school. Heavy assignments can drastically decrease students’ test performance success. Too many homework activities can kill students’ interest in studying. These conclusions were made by Australian researchers who studied the relationship between academic performance and the time spent on homework. So, where’s the dilemma? Why homework is bad? Let’s explore the realities and find out more about homework.

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9 Reasons Why Homework Is Bad

In the following, we will introduce 9 reasons why is homework bad for students:

Why Homework Is Bad
9 Reasons Why Homework Is Bad

1. Homework can cause physical trauma and diminish your health 

When students are preparing for an important test, the unbearable pressure of academic workload leads to high-stress levels. Increased stress can seriously deteriorate children’s health. Heavy assignments can also deprive children of their sleep. Stress can interfere with students’ sleep patterns as they worry about their grades. Staying up very late and burning the night’s fuel is not healthy at all. Heavy homework is why college students suffer from sleep disorders. Some of the concerning health problems that modern students have are sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, Myopia, and bad posture.

2. Increasing Stress in Children

One of the other reasons why homework is bad is it increases the stress in students. Junior school children are more likely to suffer from the destructive effects of extra homework. According to American researchers, Heavy reading drastically increases stress levels in children. If teachers bombard students with lessons and extra homework at home, students are less likely to finish their tasks on time. Such a failure to complete tasks leads to increased stress levels and worsens the situation. Classroom time should be a learning time for students as the class setting is a great help in the learning process. Students need to have some time for themselves to explore other subjects of interest outside the class.

3. Homework can destroy students’ relationship with parents

Some parents like to help their children with their homework. This “parental help” either comes in mere guidance or completing tasks for them. The problem is that the school curriculum has dramatically changed. So what parents know might be outdated and out of order with the new curriculum. Another problem is that parental interference affects children’s learning process as parents have an adult’s POV. This is while tasks are designed for a child’s POV.

Parents are not trained instructors, and they do not know how to explain educational material to children effectively. Often, such a halfway through training proves to worsen the situation. Assignment can be a constant struggle for children. That is why they may have little to no interest in completing their tasks. When parents do not know how to engage their children in the activities or motivate them, they may have quarrels.

4. Zero educational value!

Usually, it is the case that school or academic education at higher levels has nothing to do with real-life experiences. Many graduates lack practical skills after long years of studying abstract concepts. Homework is bad for the educational process; it can even interfere with it as it can complicate the situation by causing unnecessary stress. Another interference is that assignments wastes the time of children who are already busy.

5. Homework can Kill the interest to learn in children

One of the other reasons why homework is bad is completing assignments usually has nothing to do with development! Homework is most commonly comprised of reading a few paragraphs or solving school exercises. You can hardly find any task stimulating children’s interest in exploring a subject more deeply. This leads to the situation where homework becomes merely a heavy burden. Every child needs to have occasional breaks from studying not to lose their desire to learn.

6. Homework can waste a lot of time

According to American researchers in Boston College, nowadays, kids are busier than ever. This statement resonates true if you check the daily schedule of students. First of all, they have to spend a lot of time in school. After that, they run to the instructors. On their way back, students turn into their sections. Considering all these, it is safe to say that their schedule is tightly pressed, and every minute accounts for something.

Recent research by Psychologist Harris Cooper studied the effects of assignments on students’ learning. The study shows that assignments are ineffective as the excess of information weakens the learning process. The research suggests that kids only need 20 minutes of extra classes. Like in elementary school, older students require only one hour and a half of assignments to maximize their learning.

7. Heavy homework Can be a severe burden

We are human beings, and as humans, we need time to rest and have a little time to ourselves. Students who go to school have to deal with many different in-school activities. So by the time they get home, they are already exhausted. Solving complicated math problems and reading and memorizing in school is challenging and consumes a lot of energy. That is why homework is bad for students who are already exhausted!

8. Losing the ability to think creatively

You might have heard that some scientists suggest that schools kill creativity. Most teachers focus on monotonous theoretical skills instead of activities that boost creativity. The homework assigned to students doesn’t allow them to think creatively. Heavy reading also makes students disregard and ignore their creative abilities to finish the task on time. Many students that study for their tests forget the information. Such a malfunctioning approach can only lead to losing the ability to creative thinking.

9. Homework has deteriorating effects on students’ social lives

Heavy homework activities may have terrible effects on every students’ quality of life. Every adult human being needs some time for daily routine activities and quality time with family or friends. Young ones are human beings as well! So they need free time for themselves as well. But if teachers assign heavy homework during weekends and evenings, students can’t have enough time for that.

In this article, you found out why homework is bad. Still, need help with your doing homework?

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