Advantages and disadvantages of homework

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homework for students?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homework? This is the question that many students ask their teacher “Why are you giving us homework, we are having a lot of time spending spent in school, and now you want us to do homework at our homes? That is cruelty.” 

That is the truth that the student may feel anxious and overwhelmed due to the number of subjects they have to study and complete their e their homework. Many students also believe that these subjects will not be of any use in the future.

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All of the above sayings are completely true, but there are some pros and cons to homework. I will mention these pros and cons next and conclude. This conclusion will be completely personal, and the final judgment will be yours to make.

Advantages and disadvantages of homework
What are the advantages and disadvantages of homework?

Are there any advantages to homework?

Power of practice and repetition

Although some students may not agree with me, homework is about practicing what you have learned and may lead to innovation. 

I know that homework can seem a boring thing to do at your home, which some students are not fascinated about, but it will help you learn the power of practice and repetition that can be helpful in doing other important things.

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You may feel tired of practice and repetition (I know you do), but if you practice something, you will learn that everything is achievable by enough practice.  

The ability to manage time

We live in the 21st century, where many things can distract us from doing our projects/homework/duties that we must finish in time, just like social media, video games, parties, girlfriend/boyfriend relationships, and many others. 

The factors mentioned above are not just about the students, and even the adults can be distracted by them easily. For example, a person needs to give an important presentation for the company, but distractions such as girlfriend/boyfriend, phones, etc., can prevent him/her from doing so. All of the above should be done at the right time and should be able to manage time successfully to finish all of the above duties.

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Some may believe that time management is an intrinsic skill. Sure, that could be a true statement, but you cannot use that skill until you nurture it. I believe that practice and homework can be the first step for such a skill.

Reading and Speaking Skills will be improved.

Believe it or not, not many people worldwide, especially teenagers, are interested in reading books (maybe stories and novels sometimes) and prefer television, phones, and laptops (anything with a screen) over books. 

I believe that the habit of reading books starts from younger ages, student times. If your teacher gives you an essay to write about a certain event, you will be encouraged to read about that event and maybe learn something that will help you in the future. 

Also, reading will help you learn how to speak as no one does properly. Speaking is the way you can impress people, such as cool stories, ancient poetry, etc.

Are there any disadvantages to homework?

The continuous disagreement between children and parents

If you are living within a family where you have a healthy relationship with your parents, you are in luck, but not all children have the same privilege and Support as many do. Some families do not provide the same Support that every student should have. Therefore, these children will be unable to do the same stuff that every student will do at school, such as homework. Sometimes, it is seen that teachers do not make any help and force students do things they are unable to.

Also, Support is not just financially but also emotionally. If the children do not have the motivation to do their homework, not only will this cause an unhealthy relationship between the parent and the kids, but failure at school. Hence, the homework is bad in these situations.

Zero time for other important activities

Homework is about learning time management. It is important to note that not all students can manage their time or haven’t developed the skill to do so. In addition to full-time school, some students will participate in other important activities such as sport, music, art, theater, and many other activities that can help the students shape their future. 

It must be noted that kids at younger ages are unable to manage all their time for school and these activities. Unfortunately, the families and the school are also pushing the kids into doing the school things and not perusing anything else, considering other stuff just a waste of time. The number of subjects at each level, the pressure of family, teachers, and the school doesn’t help the students’ situation.

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In other words, if the kids do not allocate enough time for their other activities, you can believe that the kids will be highly discouraged from doing school work and prevent them from having a bright future. 

Students Burnout

Some believe that burnout can only happen during work, but this is not the case at all. Because of too much school work, physical and mental exhaustion can happen, and the family will not notice that their kid is suffering these conditions. 

Students may not have enough time for themselves, which is obvious because they are dealing with numerous subjects and respective homework that they should finish. Studies have shown that if students have to work at least three hours for their homework, this much time can increase stress and anxiety and cause burnout.


On the one hand, other factors must be considered to answer whether the student should get homework or not. On the other hand, families, schools, teachers, and even today’s education system do not allow us to change the ways of how education works. Not only are they not helping at all, but they also make answering the question quite challenging and not a straightforward one.

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