How to write an essay?

How to write a good essay?

The main question that the author asks himself when writing an essay is, “so what happens next?” But if you are starting to write an essay, you need to ask yourself what you plan to do to start the essay and then answer this question over and over again. But before that, you need to prepare a draft of the essay for yourself.

Step by Step Guide to Writing an Essay

What are the steps to write an essay? Here we will see how to write an essay.

How to write an essay?
How to write a good essay

Step 1: Specify the subject of the essay.

To see how to write an essay, choose a topic you are interested in and focus on for at least one to two weeks. If you have a big topic, make it smaller. For example, instead of writing an article about “how to decorate a house,” change the subject to “how to decorate a house in a traditional style, and at the lowest cost.” The more detailed the subject of the essay, the easier it is to cover all aspects of that subject.

Then start writing a very simple draft, and write whatever comes to mind. Do not be hard on yourself, and avoid analyzing your work, and think about the joy of sharing your knowledge. When you are done, the skeleton of your essay is ready. Then put aside your writing for a while.

Step 2: Mention your audience’s needs.

To see how to write an essay, do not forget to pay attention to the needs of the audience. Now go back to your essay. Change your perspective, and imagine that you are reading an essay. Choose three words to describe your target audience, such as professionals, single men, etc. As a reader, what questions would you like the essay to answer? You may not know the answer to this question yet, but list your questions anyway; in the next step, you will look for these answers.

Step 3: Research

One way to see how to write an essay is to do some research. The research gives the essay accuracy and credibility. The information you can use to write an essay is:

  • Statistics
  • Quotes from celebrities
  • Definitions
  • Stories (short and telling stories about yourself or other people)
  • Quotes and examples from people like readers of the essay or from well-known books on the subject
  • References from other media (film, television, radio)
  • Useful tools, resources, or products (if available, consider creating a sidebar)
  • References to local places or events (if the essay is expected to be limited to a specific area)

Gather everything you need for research, and put it in a folder, both physical and electronic. Do not forget to have the sources of all this research available to the editor for validation. You may want to gather information first, then sift it, or continue collecting it as long as you think it is enough. Either way, the data collection strategy is up to you and your work style.

Step 4: Write a more credible draft.

Consider your audience, and write a more credible draft using the support information you have gathered. Sometimes in steps 2 and 3, you may come to the conclusion that you need to prepare a new draft from scratch. Or you may want to review current posts to have a better speaking tone with your audience.

This time, as you read the draft, ask yourself: Does this text work? Isn’t it too general, superficial, dull, vague, or obscure? If so, follow the example of your favorite publications. What techniques do the authors of these publications use that you can use?

Step 5: Write your essay more specifically

Review the essay several times to make sure you have completed all the essay writing process steps. The essay should be complete and comprehensive. For instance, by reading the entire essay, you want the audience to be able to make a great dinner for Christmas Eve, make a great tackle on football, or find the best place to stay.

If the narrative of your essay moves in different directions, subdivide the essay into smaller key points. Combining complex information and breaking it down into smaller steps is crucial, especially in online writing, and is also common in print.

Step 6: Read, review, repeat

Read the draft of your essay aloud to a friend. Then, ask him a series of questions: Did he understand? Is something missing? Was there anything else he wanted to know? Can he follow the methods mentioned in the essay? Make the best possible decision about the changes you want to make with his suggestions in mind.

The following questions can help you find mistakes or omissions:

  • Have you sufficiently explained to the reader the ingredients or resources needed to perform the activity in question in the essay?
  • Have you covered all the important steps?
  • Does the order of the essay process make sense?
  • Have you used words that indicate sequence, such as “first, then, also”?
  • Have you warned the reader about possible problems?
  • Rewrite, read aloud, rewrite, then read aloud and rewrite, find help from a critical friend for possible bugs, and only when you are satisfied with your essay, send it with a cover letter to a suitable publication.

Tips for writing a good essay

  1. To write a good essay, first choose the topic you want and decide on your scope of work (The subject should be small enough, and its boundaries should be clearly delineated).
  2. Do thorough and serious research on the subject (Make sure you do not omit anything).
  3. Read treatises, articles, and books related to your topic to get acquainted with all aspects related to the topic (Your understanding of what you read will determine the quality of your essay).
  4. If your topic is still broad and general, review it based on what you read, and make it as small as possible (Not limiting the subject means that you want to write a heavy essay with a normal writing style).
  5. Have a plan for writing the essay (Writing without a plan is useless. The plan will be your roadmap).
  6. Categorize the knowledge and information you have read and gathered.
  7. Discard irrelevant information.

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