How to Improve Essay Writing Skills Through Paraphrasing Tool

Essay writing is a skill that every academic should master. If you can prove your point on a piece of paper, you will always be ahead of the curve. Essay writing teaches you to think periodically while looking at both sides of the coin.

Why is an essay writing important?

Here are the reasons why we believe everyone should learn how to write essays:

  • Increases knowledge
  • Enhances your cognitive ability
  • Sharpens your persuasive Skills
  • Teaches the art of argumentation
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Helps in finding a job
  • Results in promotion at job/workplace
  • Equips you to fight your case
  • Gives you a perspective to look at things 

Why is Essay writing Difficult?

Unlike Science subjects, your writing skills play a vital role in an essay. The sentence structure, coherence, argumentation, and linguistic prowess matter a lot. These skills can’t be learned in a day, and it takes years to master them.

People who don’t have a strong grip on language usually struggle to write a good essay. They struggle to find the right words for expressing their thoughts. Every word has its meaning, intensity, and due place. Misplacing the words makes writing look out of place. Therefore, to write an effective essay writer should have complete command of the language.

It is also important to know your audience. This helps in building a strong connection. If you know how they perceive things, you can present facts appealing to their conscience and making them feel connected to your writings. This is extremely difficult for foreign writers, as they usually don’t know the culture and history of the reader, which keeps them at an obvious disadvantage. Due to the above reasons, you are never really a master at this art. However, in the modern world, you can use online tools to improve your essay writing skills. These online tools are “ Paraphrasing Tools.”

How to Improve Essay Writing Skills Through Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tools

A paraphrasing tool is an online tool that can rewrite your initial draft with improved quality. The tool uses advanced AI and NLP algorithms. NLP, Natural Language Processing, is advanced programming enabling computers to understand and respond to spoken or written human languages. Since the tool has access to an unlimited database, it can convert your essay into the work of a professional. This section explains how you can improve your essay writing skills by using

1. To learn Word Substitution

As discussed earlier, an essay should use the right word in the right place. Writers, especially those writing in a foreign language, have limited vocabulary, but the tool has access to an infinite collection of words.
It can assess your article and edit the words to make your piece sound better. This increases the overall impact of your essay. To see this in action, see the below examples. The left tab shows input, while the right tab shows the desired result. You see the word changes in red color, these changes have been to increase the impact.

To learn Word Substitution

2. To Remove Redundancy

Redundancy means excessive use of filler words that don’t contribute to the discussion. Writers tend to use such words when there is a clear lack of research, and they don’t have much to say. So to make the word count, they opt for meaningless, lengthy words. This takes all the spice out of an essay. People connect with something when it serves their intellect, and they get new points to think. Nobody has time to read unnecessary verbose today. can highlight and improve redundant words. You can see such expressions and then analyze your writing to gradually remove them from your system. This will make you a better writer. To observe it, please see the below example. You can see the redundant words (Two, twins & same identical) have been replaced by singular words (twins and same). The sentence looks more concise and powerful now.

To Remove Redundancy

3. To improve Sentence Flow

Sentence flow is another important factor. A writer should know the collective strength of his sentence. Unless the sentences are seamlessly connected, your writings can’t get attention. Each sentence should carry forward the thought from the previous and then leave it at a perfect inquisitive note for the next sentence. In this way, readers are inclined to anticipate what will happen next.

This skill differentiates a good essay from an outstanding one. You can have quality research but presenting it in a well-documented manner is what matters in the end. Readers can’t see your effort; they only see the writing and decide your rating. So, for every writer, it is essential to know the art of formulating sentences. can do that with ease by applying the “Text Improver” option. This is the most advanced option, backed by an AI model to improve the coherence of an article. You can see on the right that the sentences have been improved. By looking at these examples, one can learn how to improve your sentence.

To improve Sentence Flow

4. Grammatical Accuracy

In essays, you can’t afford any grammatical mistakes. At the academic level, it can cost you grade points. And at the professional level, it damages the reputation of the writer. To get any readability, your basic grammar should be error-free. It is more important than hefty words, vocabulary, and linguistic style. This tool has an inbuilt grammar check, which can detect and improve your grammatical errors. You can learn a lot by using this option. To learn that see the sentence below:

“We all eat the fish and then make dessert.”

This tool changes it as follows:

“We all ate the fish and then made dessert.”

 By repeatedly practicing this, you can learn all basic grammatical errors which occur in your writing.

Concluding Remarks

Essay writing is a skill that requires a lifetime to learn. Students and professionals need support to write a top-notch essays.  is an online tool, which can teach how you how to improve your writing. By repeated practice following the methods described in this article, you can become “The Best” in this field.

In this article, you found out How to Improve Essay Writing Skills Through Paraphrasing Tool. Still need help with your essay?

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