How to write an essay conclusion

How to Write a Strong Conclusion for an Essay?

How to write a conclusion for an essay? Without a doubt, a conclusion plays a significant part in the essay. In this article, you will learn how to write an essay conclusion. Before that, you should be aware of a misunderstanding that the introduction is the most critical part of an essay, but that is not right. Since both introduction and conclusion have features in common, writing an essay introduction (Refer to the article “How do you write a good introduction for an essay“) can help you to write the conclusion more skillfully. So, first of all, what is an essay conclusion?

In a simple definition, the conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay you write. Though a conclusion has its unique characteristics, it has a mutual association with the rest of the essay. Thus, writing an essay conclusion is crucial as its primary purpose is closely related to other parts of the essay.

A conclusion is obviously a critical part of an essay since it is the last part of the essay a reader comes across. This last paragraph also plays a role that every essay writer should be careful of. Some writers think of a conclusion as a mere summary of the main points, but it is another misunderstanding as the conclusion serves more than just this simple purpose at the end of the essay. So, you should not easily take its writing for granted. Otherwise, your essay will not appear as excellent as you have imagined. Thus, it is better to know how to write an essay conclusion by knowing its major purposes.

How to write an essay conclusion
How to write an essay conclusion

What is the purpose of a conclusion in an essay?

The central goal of writing a conclusion is to present the general interpretation of the essay briefly. In other words, you are to write a concise summary of what you have discussed and explained in the essay’s introduction and body. In this way, you can easily give a short description of the essay’s main topic and impress the reader with a captivating conclusion. So, the real work you have to do is to restate what you have written about in the paper. In the last section of the essay, it is important not to express new points and information.

If not, the essay conclusion will be unsound and erroneous. A useful way to do this task of writing a conclusion is to use the information of the introduction but not in the same manner and words as you have written earlier in the essay’s introduction.

An essay conclusion also serves other purposes as well. One primary goal of an essay conclusion is to give a comprehensive and concise description of the critical key points and arguments. By providing an outline of the key debates in the essay, you can quickly and effectually refer to the thoughts and notions presented in the essay and sum them up correctly. In this way, the main points are included briefly in the conclusion, but they are represented in a different composition. Additionally, reiterating the essay’s main arguments also acts as support and evidence of the central points of the essay. Consequently, as a piece of evidence, every shortened central point of the essay develops the essay’s intentional structure.

Strategies for Writing a conclusion

For writing an essay conclusion, there are several helpful tips. Before anything, you should have a conclusion outline in your mind and write it step by step. This will help you have a general view of writing the conclusion.

First, restate your topic sentence. The topic sentence is a summary of the main objects of your argument. Next, you can put your thesis statement differently. The rephrasing of the thesis statement is the short first part of the conclusion. Notice not to repeat the introduction while you can skillfully restate your thesis argument through new and innovative language. Simply put, you can offer the reader a fresh way of thinking about what you regarded as the main statement of your debate to captivate him.

The next step is to support the argument and link the sentences together. In this way, the ideas fit together and explain the significance of the essay’s points. You can also use a strategy known as answering the “so what?” question. For doing so, just answer the central questions of your discussion briefly. This strategy persuades the audience why your claim is critical and how they can apply your argument in other studies. For this purpose, you should give a general understanding of the reason for writing the essay in the first place. Finally, you are to write the closing sentence. Here, the last words of your argument end the essay, and you can briefly come back to the points of the introduction and deftly conclude the essay.

Writing a conclusion is easy if you follow the steps mentioned here to write an essay conclusion. You will find the steps helpful since they establish the main parts of your closing part. You can also suggest your ideas and comment on this article for a communicative discussion.

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