Tips for writing a reaction paper

Things to remember for writing an excellent reaction paper

There are numerous forms of assignments. A reaction paper is a form of academic paper that requires you to present your opinions and analysis on a given piece of work or abstract. In this post, we will introduce some tips for writing a reaction paper. A reaction paper is quite different from a summary. A reaction paper revolves around your thoughts and ideas on an issue or a problem. Making a picture of what you have grasped and applied your own points of view to the material show your professor how well you understand the given work and how strong your analytical skills are.

Start your reaction paper with the information about the topic at hand and the author. It will be a great introduction piece to start your paper. You can use direct quotations in this part but don’t state your thoughts and ideas. The right place for them is the second section. In this part, you need to use the primary ideas and then add your personal opinions and develop a proper reaction to the subject. Make sure to include all the main ideas and follow a coherent path that ultimately aligns with the main subject.

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Also, it is a good idea to explain the relationship between the subject and the spate individuals, the society, or the modern world. As the last part, you need to come to a conclusion. Although it seems easy, many students find writing reaction papers a challenging task. Samples on the internet could be a great help to develop an acceptable reaction paper.

Tips for writing a reaction paper
Best tips for writing a reaction paper

Few points and useful tips for writing a reaction paper

First, read the given piece of information carefully, take notes on the important sections, extract the main ideas, and write down your own opinions. Secondly, bring all that information together and describe your point of view accordingly. For the sake of argument, it is best to utilize various sources. Avoid summarizing the given work. Remember that a reaction paper is not an overview, and it is meant to picture your personal opinion. Support your points with either reasons or subject-related examples to increase the effectiveness of your argument.

Starting a reaction paper

You may be one of those students who find the start of writing a paper extremely difficult, but once they started, there will be no problem to continue. A strong start could help you affect your audience more than anything. You may wonder about the true intention or objective of the author. You may even doubt your understanding of the whole material, which is only understandable. Since the starting point of a reaction paper affects the grading a lot, we have gathered a few helpful points here to guide you in writing an excellent starting point. It includes the following points:

  • The first thing to consider is to prepare an understandable context by introducing a small back story on the main topic. An appropriate background story will provide your reader with enough information to understand your opinions fully.
  • Your writing should have the power to capture the interest of your audience from the very first sentences. You can create such an effect by mentioning the possible impact of your opinions on society or people. 
  • The existence of a thesis statement at the beginning of your paper not only gives your work the proper structure but also provides good information about the subject matter. 
  • If you’re writing about a book, mention the book and the author. Don’t forget to talk about what the book is about and the effect of the book on the world, society, or people. In case you are writing about a movie, it would be a good idea to mention the characters’ names beside the movie’s name. Remember to talk about the movie’s objective. 

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