Reaction Paper Format

A reaction paper’s formatting styles

There are various formatting styles to write a reaction paper. The Specific style should be applied to the work based on the given instructions. Each formatting style has its own specific features that have to be included in each reaction paper section: the introduction, body, conclusion, and citation list. Here are a few notes listed for you to follow:

Reaction paper format
How to Properly Format Your Reaction Paper


The first part of the reaction paper format is the introduction. You need to understand that the introduction is the window of your whole work. Therefore, you need to make extra effort to create content that is interesting enough to be read and finished. The reader must have the urgency to continue reading your work. In this section, you need to talk about the author, the main issues, and the ideas embedded in the work or story. Keep it short and precise. We don’t want to bore the audience. Better to finish it in a few sentences and then add a powerful thesis statement to it.


When you come to the body of reaction paper, you need to mention your ideas and opinions about the work that you read or watched. Bear in mind to add a topic sentence to every paragraph and keep the paragraph in line with the primary subject. You need appropriate sources to support your ideas and opinions, and you just can’t mention your ideas without acceptable reasons. Theoretical evidence could also help you support your views.


The conclusion part of the reaction paper format is as essential as other parts. You must create a link between your conclusion and your thesis statement so that you can depict your argument strongly. It would be good to develop a brief summary of everything you mentioned and then finish in your desired direction.


It is critical to incorporate a list of citations addressing the sources you have used to write the reaction paper. This part could be tricky because you can’t use anything as a source. A source must be academically credible and persuasive enough to support your arguments.

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