What is paraphrasing, and how can it be helpful for the students?

Students are always in dire straits as they have to meet different challenges placed in front of them throughout their academic careers. After passing school, they believe that they are emancipated from studies and now can enjoy their life. But, unfortunately, everything falls short of this expectation because a new huge challenge waits for them.

In college and university, students have to bear the burden of hefty assignments. A race with the ticking time sometimes gives them sleepless nights. Moreover, to compound their anxiety, they are asked to create unmatched writings. Only a few of them fly in the face of all odds. However, a majority find it hard to get along with it. Therefore, they are constantly seeking something new that can augment their academics.

Writing unique content free from plagiarism is not child’s play. The reason is that bulk content is present on a single topic. That’s why finding new words for an old topic seems a hectic task. Anyhow, several paraphrasing tools are available on the internet to remedy your writing issues. Stick to this article if you are a student and want to know more about these tools. First of all, you must know the implications of plagiarism.

What is paraphrasing, and how can it be helpful for the students?
What is paraphrasing, and how can it be helpful for the students?

What is plagiarism?

It occurs when you copy someone’s content without giving credit. It occurs because of various reasons. Whatever the case may be, it has all negative connotations attached to it.

Students must refrain from this activity because the purpose of homework ends if you copy it from someone else.

How is plagiarism destroying the life of students?

If a teacher finds it in the homework of a college student, they may fail him in the subject. Moreover, the assignment or homework will not be given any marks.

At the college level, plagiarism has got due importance. If you write plagiarized content in your research paper or essay, the chances are that you may lose your enrollment or even be expulsion from the college.

 In addition, because you are committing an act of academic dishonesty, as your research paper may get published, it can perpetuate the cycle of falsehood.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a writing technique to rewrite an already written script in your own way. Basically, your writing paraphrased text does not match the original one. But, it gives a striking resemblance in terms of meanings. The goal is to save the original meanings.

 Paraphrasing can also be done to remove plagiarism from content because your paraphrased words are different from the old writing. In paraphrasing, a new lexicon is used instead of previous ones.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool automatically paraphrases your text and exchanges old vocabulary with a new one. The original idea of a paraphrased text remains the same. However, such a paraphrase tool rewrites the sentences uniquely that dilutes the chances of plagiarism.

There are several rephrase tools available on the internet. I will tell you the best three article rewriters that can save your writing from plagiarism once and forever.

General working of a paraphrasing tool:

Generally, a paraphrase online tool works with Artificial Intelligence or AI. This technology is beneficial nowadays because it has elevated machines to the level of human minds.

 But, we still need significant improvement in this field. AI is based on the concept that machines can think like humans. In other words, this definition says that machines can solve complex problems and make an intelligent decisions just as humans do. It is still a far cry, but the current advancement, such as the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), shows that this will become a reality soon.

General working of a paraphrasing tool
Online paraphrase tool substitutes new words into sentences in a creative mood.

The above example shows how an online paraphrase tool substitutes new words into sentences in a creative mood. This creativity is the epitome of success for humans, particularly for students, as they can easily write their homework without any fear of plagiarism.

General features of rewriting tool:

Apart from the working, rephrase tools have distinct features that are worth knowing for a student.  

A student needs to know them because they will use them for rephrasing their text at any point in life.

  1. These tools are simple and easy to use. You just have to input the text in a rephrase tool and click on the paraphrase button.
  2. Some of them come with different levels of paraphrasing. Again, you have the choice to select a particular mode of your need.
    • Fluency mode: In this mode, brief sentences are written.
    • Standard mode: In standard mode, the tool maintains the level of paraphrasing. A well-written draft is produced.
    • Creative mode: This mode is developed to rewrite an essay or a research paper like a human. It does human-level paraphrasing.
    • These tools generally have more than one language. It means they are multilingual.
    • There may be an upload option to upload content from your device or cloud space like Dropbox or Google drive.
    • A download option can save you from copy-pasting the paraphrased content. You can use this option to save your result in your preferred location.
Creative mode for rewrite an essay or a research paper

Summing up:

Students’ frustration regarding plagiarized work is justified because they have to deal with an enormous load of work daily.

To pass the examination, they have to go through a series of tests, quizzes, exams, assignments. These assessments aggregate to form their marks.

So, in a short time, they have to cope with writing issues that appear when they intentionally or unintentionally copy other’s text.

At this point, a paraphrasing technique saves them. However, manual paraphrasing is again a time-consuming task, and given the shortage of time, an average student cannot perform this activity.

So, for that matter, an online paraphrasing tool is used. It removes plagiarism by changing the syntax and rewording the sentences differently. These tools are present online, and they work automatically. In this way, they save time and effort for students and helps them do their assignments.

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